Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 2/26-3/1

You wouldn't know it from all of the cookie-and-cake eating going on around here, but I've been trying really hard to lose weight.  My goal is to lose 5 pounds a month... and so far, so good.

I do strength and cardio every morning, and then drag my family to the park every night to walk and play basketball.

It's been so fun for us all to get out and exercise.

This guy is my walking partner... a naughty walking partner who always manages to squirm out of his seat belt and stand while we are walking.


Like every baby boy 'round here, Sam had his toenail painted.

It's what Grace and I do.


Adam got to go paintballing for the first time for a friends' birthday.  He had so much fun... even though the next day he was incredibly bruised.


At the beginning of February, I handed everyone 5 hearts for Family Home Evening.  We each wrote one thing that we loved about the other family members and taped them to my cupboards.

These cupboards have looked so bare ever since I took the Christmas cards down.

It was fun and perfect and I hope that each one felt a little more loved through the month.


Adam had another basketball game.  He played hard, ran fast, and is improving so much!


My new glasses arrived, but I forgot to document them a few weeks ago.  I love them (and Zenni Optical).


Shortly after Sam turned one, he had his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

And if that red hair ever made Mike doubt that this was his baby, he was reassured once this kid tried that sandwich. 

It was like he was coming home.

Every time he eats one he moans and sighs... the only person I've ever seen love PB&J sandwiches so much is Mike.


Josh came to me crying on Sunday, because he had "accidentally" drawn on the couch.

I don't think that was an accident.

But, being a mom for almost 12 years has given me the ability to laugh at these things.

So I did.


And we just love this baby falling asleep in his high chair.

11:00 church is SO hard!

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