Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 2/16-2/22

My creative kiddos decided to try and build their own pond in the front yard.

I mean, it looked awesome, but I was pretty sure the woman who owns our home didn't want a pond.

So after playing in it a bit, they went ahead and put the yard back together.


We went grocery shopping.  And the good bakery people at Smith's must just feel for moms, because they always leave a box of treats out for a sample.

It gets us through shopping.


While the big kids were in school, we went out for a burger on Mike's day off, to a place Mike has been dying to go to ever since his Aviation Inn days: Farmer Boys.

Mike liked it, I thought it was okay.

And Josh and Sam are always happy if French fries are around.


Adam had a great basketball game.


Grace's class performed the Chinese dragon dance for the Chinese New Year.  It was darling!


Adam got to play a "bonus" basketball game, against another charter school.  He scored 8 points and did great!


The kids were doing such an amazing job at our new chore system, that I bought a coconut cake at Sam's Club that we've always wanted to try for a fun surprise.

Adam told me that he had no idea I was even capable of buying a decadent store-bought dessert.

Four days later that huge cake was finally gone.

I think we will go with bowling for our next spontaneous reward.  ;)

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