Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 3/2-3/8

This week was "Nevada Reading Week." The week began on Monday with "Dress Like a Book Character Day."

I'm all about the fun-while-learning.

But hunting the house for anything resembling a piece for any book character on Sunday evening is anything but fun.

We came up with a homemade "kitty" costume for Grace.


I gave what I like to think of as a "professional" Family Home Evening on Monday.

I mean, they aren't usually all that great.

But I had an object lesson!  A posterboard!  An inspiring video!  A dessert that went along with the theme!

It was pin-worthy, people!


Sam ate again.

And since everything this boy does is cute, we document it all.


Adam had another basketball game.

I love how "into" the games he gets and that he always tries his best.


On Thursday Josh, Sam, and I grabbed a pizza and ate lunch with Adam and Grace.

We had a blast eating and talking together.

I love getting a glimpse into their "school lives."


Every day I pick up Adam or Grace 3:30, we wait an hour until the other is done with sports/clubs, and then we head and pick-up Mike at 4:30...

... unless it's a Friday.  He closes the store on Fridays.

Then we pick him up at 8:30.


Saturday is deep-cleaning chore day.

The kids are assigned either Bathroom + Hallway, Tile Living Room + Trash, or Carpet Living to keep clean throughout the week.

On Saturdays they deep clean them... vacuum out couches, scrub tubs, dust, etc.

Intermingled with the Saturday cleaning, is Saturday playing.

Because there's no point in cleaning the house unless it's covered in sand, right?


On Sundays we play together.

Games are a favorite.

Unforunately, most board games around here are also followed by the "You-cheated-I-did-not-I-hate-you!" game.


We're working on it.


A sweet friend gave Sam a bunch of clothes (one of which was a GAP shirt).

We happened to find one for Josh at D.I.

He is as pleased as punch to dress like his little brother.

Fights and all, I am so lucky to be their mom.

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