Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Family: Week of 11/17-11/23

Since I am w-a-y behind, and didn't take pictures at the beginning of the week for some reason, I don't know what happened Monday through Wednesday. There was probably a lot of driving, homework, cleaning, nursing, cooking, and homework. Sorry!


On Thursday, Josh's pre-school class learned about "bakers" (they are doing a Community Helpers unit), and baked pizza and cookies.

He had so much fun and was so stinkin' proud of those cookies!

After pre-school, Sam, Josh and I headed to the kids' school for their annual Multicultural Feast.

Each year on the last day of school before Fall Break, all of the kids bring in a dish from an assigned country.
Adam had Sweden, and we made a Swedish Tea Ring; Grace had China, so we made cream cheese wontons.

I'm not exactly sure those are authentic, but you know, it works.


There was a ton of food, and we had a fun time trying new things.

Sam enjoyed all that food a little too much.

It resulted in a little pre-Thanksgiving food coma.

The class that had Mexico made pinata for all of the kids to enjoy. Josh had a blast sneaking in and hitting it, too.


On Friday, after baby-sitting was all over, I was folding laundry when I realized I hadn't seen Sam for a few minutes.

We all raced around looking for him, until we realized that someone had left the back door open.

Sam had been having a blast playing in (and sampling) Mike's charcoal.


On Saturday we finished up our Jesse Tree ornaments and got them mailed off.

Our theme this year was "Be Kind," and our scripture was Ephesians 4:32: "Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God, for Christ's sake, hath forgiven you."

I wanted to think of a time when my kiddos were all really nice to each other and make an ornament that represented that, but I'm pretty sure my theme backfired (or, they are getting older and more competitive over friends and such), because there is more sibling rivalry than ever between Adam and Grace.

So, we went with a play on words and made playing card ornaments representing, "Four of a Kind" instead.

To be fair, Grace and Josh have the sweetest relationship.  Adam and Josh get along and have fun playing together, too.  And everyone adores Sam.  It's just the Adam and Grace thing that makes me want to pull out my hair daily.

It's just payback for the lovely way I treated Ethan for all those years.



In order to keep up my milk supply, I have to nurse Sam every 3 hours, which means I wake him up at 3:00 in the morning each day to feed him.

Unfortunately, my body doesn't like to wake up at 3:00am, so I have just been staying up that late, and going to bed once he's fed.

I normally use that time to write, but on Sunday I used it to be a super-cool Primary teacher (for once) and make my class + Mike's YM turkey cookies as a special treat.

They all loved them, and it was pretty fun sitting by myself and decorating cookies.

We had our version of Sloppy Joe's for dinner (ground turkey mixed with barbecue sauce), and since Sam is a big fan of barbecue sauce, he gobbled that stuff up and asked for more!

That evening Adam went with Mike to Priesthood Preview.  I can't believe this handsome guy is going to turn 12 and receive the Priesthood soon.

We are so proud of him!  He's turning out to be an awesome guy...

.... who would be even more awesome if he would stop picking on his little sister.


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