Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Family: Week of 10/27-11/2

On Monday morning, I went to the dentist.

A little back story: Mike and I haven't had dental coverage for most of our marriage. When we got it (and a little bit of money saved), I went for the first time in 10 years (which was 3 years ago). I had a root canal done, which used up my dental max for the year. I had a few other fillings, so they told me to come back in a year... and that it would cost $2,000.

Life became busy, and we never could afford it. I prayed every day, promising to take exceptional care of my teeth in the meantime, that I would be able to get them fixed somehow.

Last week, one of my teeth started hurting (that I knew had previously had a cavity). I scheduled an appointment, and then called Mike, to see if he could re-arrange his schedule to be with Sam and Josh while I was at the appointment. He happened to be standing next to the developmental specialist when I called, who overheard, and sent us to an LDS dentist who, once a week, does dental work for those referred to him by the church for an extremely low cost.

People are so good.

I am forever grateful to him for his absolute, overwhelming generosity and to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers.

That evening we had tombstone meatloaf and ghostly mashed potatoes for dinner.

And made our traditional Haunted House graham cracker houses for our FHE treat.

Everyone was so creative, and we had a blast making them.


Sam loves to hang out in the fridge.

My mellow baby turns not-so-calm when you shut that door in front of him.

So, if I'm cleaning, I usually clear the bottom shelves of break-ables, and let him play (to keep him out of the dishwasher while I load it).

Sometimes, he ends up reaching farther than I think he can, and finds himself a little snack.

On Tuesday he found himself some leftover sloppy joes:

Which kept him occupied for another few minutes, so I went ahead and let him enjoy it.


On Wednesday, Grace attended her last volleyball practice for a little while (playoffs start Saturday).  She has learned so much, and I am so thankful she was able to participate.


On Thursday, I packed a little Halloween lunch for the kiddos:

Sam and I dropped Josh off at pre-school, and we went on our usual walk at the park.

All of the excitement must have worn him out.

We picked Josh up, and he reported on all of the fun he had at his pre-school Halloween party, and then he enjoyed his Halloween lunch.

I can't believe next year he will be in kindergarten, having a Halloween party (and enjoying that lunch at school).


On Friday, my second favorite day of the year came: Halloween!

I had found some books on sale after Halloween last year, and saved them for a little Halloween morning treat (along with some Count Chocula).

We had football practice.

We Waited around for-e-ver.

We ate mummy broccoli, ham, and cheese wraps for dinner:

And (finally) got ready for trick-or-treating.

We had an Elsa (Grace), an Olaf (Sam), a Ninja Turtle (Josh), and a Rumpelstiltskin (Adam):

They were all too cute.

We went to North Las Vegas with the C* family to the world's coolest neighborhood to trick-or-treat.

It was the most ideal trick-or-treating experience I've ever had: friendly neighborhood, tons of houses participating, and the best decorations I've ever seen.  The neighborhood was adorable and no one drove on the roads that night, making it safe.

We had the world's best time (and the kids got the most candy they have ever gathered on Halloween).


On Saturday we woke up bright and early for Adam's football game.

The weather was beautiful, and they all did a great job and had a lot of fun (they even won to boot!).

That evening we went to Grace's first play-off volleyball game.

They won, and advanced to the next round, to be played Monday.

They were all pleased as punch about that.


On Sunday after church, we took down my beloved Halloween decorations:

Checked off our 31 Days of Halloween list (we did it all!).

And cut down our little ghosts from the tree.

We were a little sad about putting those cute things away... but the kids got over it when we started putting up the Thanksgiving decorations.

They love that holiday a whole lot, too.

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