Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Family: Week of 11/10-11/16

On Monday for FHE I taught a lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and had Mike make us some donuts Wilkins' style.

(I try to make my FHE treats tie in with the lesson... donuts have a hole... holy... get it? My kiddos think I'm weird for my excitement level over these things.)

The problem with being married to a quiet guy who doesn't talk all that much (and not living by family) is that you have to remember what your sister-in-laws told you eons ago about their life growing up, so you can pass some of those traditions down for your husband.

So, please excuse me if I have this wrong.

But, one of Mike's sister told me about Wilkins Donuts.

(I think.)

We made holes in canned biscuits, Mike fried them, and then we shook them in a bag with powdered sugar.

They were pretty darn good.


On Tuesday the kids were off of school for Veteran's Day, so they decided to go ahead and hold a "Veteran's Day Sale."

Grace sold exactly $1 worth of toys.

I was pretty proud of them... until they went and started offering Sam up for free with $25 purchase.

I went ahead and rescued him after that.

But, their sale got me thinking.

Our Christmas tree from D.I. died last year, and I want one that will last.  So, we are planning on doing our first real yard sale this Saturday, to try and raise some Black Friday shopping money for one.

It should be fun.


On Wednesday I turned 33.

It was filled with nursing a baby, bringing kids to school, cleaning, and chocolate cake.

I get a kick out of making my birthday cake every year, until I'm about halfway through and feel pathetic.

Then, I go ahead and lick the spoon, before my kiddos catch me and demand that I hand it over.

And then I feel better.



On Thursday, Adam and Grace went to school.

His cute math and science teacher takes pictures of the kids, and puts them on the blog.

I LOVE getting little snapshots of their lives when I'm not with them.

I wonder if she will be willing to follow Adam around on dates when he turns 16?

Because I'm pretty sure he's not going to be cool with me hanging out with him.



On Friday we baby-sat, and I gloried in not having to go to football.

I have a love-hate relationship with extracurriculars, like every other Mom.

I love them.

I want them.

But, when they are over and I get a break from the driving/practices/stinky uniform cleaning, I feel joy.

That evening I wrote.

Money has been a little tight since Mike lost his hotel job (I'm not complaining, we're fine, it's just tight), so I decided to try and earn a little extra by trying my hand at some freelance writing.

I "work" here in the middle of the night at Textbroker.

It's not as awesome or as lucrative as one might think.

But, it helps.

And, I need to tell all y'all something:

DO NOT believe things you read on the Internet.  Ever!

There is a HUGE chance it was written in the middle of the night by a sleep-deprived mom who has no idea what she's talking about.

You've been warned.



On Saturday we got up early and held our first-ever yard sale.

In Phoenix, people yard sale at the crack of dawn.

In Vegas it doesn't get hopping until around 10:00 or so, we found out.

The kids sold some of their old toys at their own table, and made just enough to run down the street to another yard sale and buy someone else's junk.

So much for cleaning the rooms, people!

And I made $56, which should be enough for a decent Black Friday tree.

More importantly, we had a fun time working together, drinking hot cocoa in the cool morning, and talking.

It was a fun memory.


On Sunday we went to church, and finished up leftover homework and finished up leftover laundry.

We tried out our "Sunday Cans" that we made for FHE.

We played quiet music all day.

And our Sunday was a little better.

(Though I once again vowed to be better about doing the homework and laundry on Saturday.)

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Kathy said...

Yummmm...those donuts are easy and good (until the paper bag breaks and you have sugar everywhere!)
Tell me more about your writing!