Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our Family: Week of 10/20-10/26

On Monday we made some Oreo spiders, from a cute kit my mom put together for us when she was up here (thanks, Mom!) after our FHE lesson.

Mike went ahead and let Sam in on the action.

It's safe to say he's a fan of Oreos.


On Tuesday, after pre-school, elementary, and middle school, and Grace's volleyball, we all gathered after baths and pajamas and prayer for some pin-the-face-on-the-pumpkin.


On Wednesday I had my Activity Days meeting. We learned about the Holy Ghost, and then made some Halloween ghost crafts: cheesecloth ghosts and Nutter Butter ghosts.

It was pretty fun.

Afterward, Sam entertained us with a little peek-a-boo.

We can't get enough of his adorable-ness!


On Thursday afternoon, we went down to the school to see Adam's cosplay fashion show of the week.  He went as Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time.


On Friday after baby-sitting and football, we got these kiddos in their Halloween costumes and headed over to the school for their Fall Festival.

They had a blast trunk-or-treating, playing games, going on cake walks, and getting scared in the haunted house.

Well, some of them had a blast.

Olaf was less-than-impressed.

About both the festival AND his costume.



On Saturday after Adam's football game (he won!), we grabbed some Halloween donuts at Krispy Kreme, per our tradition. That night we ate them while we drove around and looked at Halloween decorations.


On Sunday evening, our good friends, the C* family came over for a spooky Halloween dinner (goblin eyeball meatballs, slimy spaghetti, bone breadsticks, and witches broomsticks) and some pumpkin carving!

They hauled these pumpkins down from Utah for us (a relative grows them in their garden), and we so appreciated it.

We had soooo much fun together!

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