Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Weekend We Split Up...

Several months ago, our stake informed us that they were going to have a stake Primary choir for the children ages 7-11 for the stake conference in November.

Adam wanted to participate, and went to every Sunday practice and sang his heart out.

We were all so excited to get to see him sing. We knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and how much he was looking forward to getting to sing in front of the entire stake.

(I think he also really liked the treats that were brought to every practice).


We were looking forward to November 6th.


While Mike was away on his business trip in September, my brother-in-law called us with some super exciting news: he was getting married!

Mike was asked to be a groomsmen, and was completely honored.

We were completely looking forward to the wedding on November 5th in Phoenix.


And then we looked at the calendar, and realized that with the lateness that weddings are, and the earliness that his choir performance was, that both couldn't happen.

After a month of talking and talking (and maybe a little arguing), we couldn't come to a decision about what to do. I really felt Adam needed to stay here and sing, and Mike really felt he needed to be in Phoenix for his brother.

So, we split up.

Mike rented a car and took Grace to Phoenix.

I stayed here with Adam and Josh.


(I shamelessly stole these pictures from my sister-in-law, Kristi. I think if you attribute, it's okay to shamelessly steal, right? Thanks, Kristi!).

(I'm told) the wedding was beautiful and wonderful, as weddings should be.

The wedding was in an awesome backyard, that featured (among other cool things), a teeter-totter. That Grace fell off of, of course. So, she got to visit the hospital and get 6 stitches.

Then she headed back to the reception for some fun cousin time and cake.

And I stayed up all night, sick to my stomach, worried about her.

Even though I knew Mike and his family was taking good care of you. (Thank you all very, very much for that). I just hated not having her with me when she went through that.


I woke Adam up early the next morning to get him ready. He had to be there 2 hours early, and I was dreading trying to entertain Josh for that long.

My good friend, Melanie, offered to pick him up and stay with him there, so I didn't have to do church with a toddler for 4 hours.

She's so amazing!


We got to stake conference, and the talks were wonderful.

But, the music?


Seeing all of those children in the Primary colors and hearing their angelic voices was something I want to keep in my mind the rest of my life.

It. Was. Awesome.

I was so proud of Adam (and the other kids in the choir, too).

I nabbed this picture of him afterward. And, I know I'm totally biased, but he's a seriously handsome boy, right?

My tie-tying skills leave a little to be desired, though. :)


Mike and Grace returned that night.

I got to snuggle with all three of my babies on the couch.

And everything was right again.

I slept good that night.

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