Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday (To Me)

Today I turned 30.

Something that I dreaded the entire year I was 29.

I woke up, though, and thought, "I'm 30. It's the start of a new decade. I can be a new person. It's going to be great."

I decided then and there to change some things.

And I was pretty excited about it all, until I went to get Josh out of his crib, and saw that he had been sick.

I thought it was the 2% milk that we had been trying him on (he seems to have outgrown his milk protein allergy, but we're taking it slow), but his sickness remained all day.

Through 22 diaper changes, to be exact.

Which meant I had to cancel on my sweet friend, Jessica, who had offered to take the kids so that Mike and I could go out on a date for my birthday.

(He ended up having Rotavirus, and it lasted for the next 4 days... we went through almost 100 diapers. Poor Josh!!!)

Adam and Grace fought all day, talked back, and I cleaned and cleaned and changed and changed Josh.

I was pretty much in tears, by the end of the day.

Then Mike came home from work with some beautiful flowers and a handwritten letter to me.

He told me to go out and take a break.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a hair straightener with my birthday money.

And came home to some homemade key lime pie:

It turned out pretty good after all.

AND, I figure with a day like that, my 30s are all uphill from here!


I'm so blessed with such a wonderful family and wonderful friends!

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