Tuesday, November 22, 2011

End of Wrestling/Gymnastics + Pack Meeting

Adam and Grace have been doing wrestling and gymnastics for about 6 months now. They've learned a lot, and had a lot of fun, but we were talking, and decided that it's time for something else. I want to expose them to a lot of different things, so that they can figure out their strengths and talents (but only 1 at a time!).

Today was the last day.

Adam is really great at wrestling, and has learned a lot of moves. He's also become more confident and "tougher" when he does get hurt.

Grace learned a lot in gymnastics, and has mastered the splits and backbends.

And since it was the last day, we went ahead and let Josh have his way with the foam pit. He jumped in it over and over and over, laughing like crazy each time.

Next up: Grace is thinking about trying soccer, and Adam wants to try rugby.


After their sports, we had pack meeting.

They learned about the first Thanksgiving, and ate these darling turkey cupcakes. Too, too cute!

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