Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chilly Park Day

Adam and Grace have a 4-day weekend for Veteran's day going on right now (yay!), and Mike is in the middle of a 6-day work week, and has to work late tonight (boo!).

So, after a morning of chores, the four of us headed out to the park for a picnic lunch and fun! We were in desperate need of grocery shopping, so we made do with some $1.99 happy meals. :)

It was a really chilly day, in the 50s, windy, and cloudy. It kept sprinkling on us, but the kids kept on playing!

Across from the playground, a popsicle stand was having a party, giving away popsicles and playing music, to drum up some business.

It wasn't exactly the right day for popsicles, and they didn't have many takers (there was hardly anyone at the park).

So, when they asked us to take a box, we happily obliged.

Shivering and all.

I love, love, love when we get to do stuff as a family.

But, being out with my three kiddos, and getting them all to myself, is pretty great, too.

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