Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

All 4 kindergarten classes (2 half-day classes, 2 full day classes) combined for a HUGE kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast today!

Mike had the day off of work (and go watch Josh), so I got to go down and help! It was sooo fun!

I made a huge pan (12 pounds!) of sweet potatoes for the event!

They all came in cute pilgrim hats that they had made in class. They sat down, colored Thanksgiving placemats, and we served them with food. Grace got a little sad (she was the very last one to get served food, for some reason), and was worried that she would be forgotten, poor thing!

After dessert, they made 2 more crafts, before going out to the playground (a rare treat for half-day kindergarten!), while I helped clean up.

I love being able to help out and be with my kids at school. It's the best! I'm so thankful for the wonderful school that they both go to and for the fun teachers who work hard to make learning fun!

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