Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 2/2-2/8

This week we began Grace's science project by baking batch after batch of cookies.

We were trying to determine how to make them stay "puffy" and not go flat.

By the end, we were all pretty sick of cookies.

Except for this guy.


Sam discovered the fun that is stealing siblings' food.

Luckily, he's too cute that they can't be too mad at him.


Adam got to go on a fun field trip to the toy store.

I guess the owner has been featured on Pawn Stars (?), and he has a lot of cool antique toys that he showed them.


Adam had another basketball game this week.

He did great!


On Friday, Ethan, Cameo, and Kaylee came up to visit!

Unfortunately, the stomach bug came to visit us, too.

We missed out on a father/daughter dance, a dinner, and visiting with Ethan and family... and stayed in bed sick instead.

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