Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 2/9-2/15

Our week started at the dentist.

Adam got two brand spankin' new teeth!

They are partial crowns, and the dentist promises they will hold up well!

Grace got her oral wart removed.  She insisted on going right back to school (to show off her injury, of course).  She enjoyed her prescribed diet of soft, cold foods: yogurt, pudding, and ice cream


We continued Grace's science project by making a "control batch" of our normal chocolate chip cookies.

And even though we were pretty tired of cookies, I went ahead and went crazy and baked/decorated a bunch for Valentine's class parties.

And for just one second I was "that mom."

You know, the awesome one who makes the homemade sugar cookies with homemade frosting and the perfect amount of sprinkles.


Josh, Adam and Grace wrote out their Valentine's.  Josh made Ninja Turtle ones, Adam did Fun Dip, and Grace made homemade Valentine's of an adorable cat with a Kit-Kat attached.


We went to Sunset Park as a family (at night-again!).  We need to hit this awesome park during the day sometime.


Adam and Grace both received "Owl of the Month" in "Creativity."

For two kids who disagree 99% of the time, it cracked me up they both got the Owl award for the same virtue.


All of the kids enjoyed their Valentine's parties sooo much!  Adam was a little disappointed that the middle school parties aren't as fun, but they all had a great time!

Josh made this adorable Valentine box at pre-school.

As long as there are parties in kindergarten, I think he may be okay going.


On Valentine's Day we had our traditional dinner together.

They each got a small box of chocolates, a Valentine book, and a "love" Mad Libs book to share.

I tried the candles again, hoping to have a fancy dinner.

But my little pyromaniac boys may need to mature a bit first before we try that again.


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