Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Family: Week of 9/29-10/5

We spent FHE on Monday at the log park (Sunset Park).

We really need to hit this place during the daylight hours sometime.

We let Sam try the slide with the older kiddos for the first time.

He wasn't upset, but wasn't as thrilled as they wanted him to be, either.


On Tuesday, this kid went ahead and disobeyed me and got bigger.

He's outgrowing that seat of his!

Lucky for him, we are all too in love with him growing up to be too upset.


On Wednesday and Thursday we cleaned the house, decorated for Halloween, Grace had volleyball practice, Josh had pre-school, and we got ready for a special visitor: Aunt Kayty!


On Friday we began our 31 Days of Halloween, and made some too-cute candy corn cookies to doorbell ditch to friends.

They were fun (and way easy).


On Saturday, we had a football game (they won!) and Aunt Kayty came!


We had candy corn pizza and watched a Halloween movie that evening together.

Sam loves pizza.

They may all look exactly like their dad, but they (luckily) didn't get his childhood hatred of pizza.


We don't get t.v. and our internet is horrible, so we headed to the church on Sunday morning to enjoy General Conference.

Where we peacefully watched sans Conference BINGO, coloring books, or activities.

The last few months I stopped bringing our church bag to church that has crayons, Friends magazines, church books, etc. in it, and realized that my kids were much better behaved when they had nothing to do but sit and listen.

This time was no exception.

And much less work.

Sam, however, got hungry about halfway through, so I left to nurse him.  I could not find the mother's room in the stake center, so we hung out in the foyer.  After he ate I let him have some crawling time in the light.

Afterward we headed home, where I popped our traditional cinnamon rolls (I had made them the night before) in the oven.

We so enjoyed those for lunch.

And some of us, who didn't get their normal nap during General Conference, went ahead and napped next to theirs.

Well, one of us did anyways.


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