Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Family: Week of 12/30 - 1/5

On Monday I went to the doctor.

On Thursday I went to the doctor.

The remaining days I complained about having to go to the doctor.


When I had my first ultrasound at the beginning of the pregnancy, the doctor commented that the baby was about 2 weeks bigger than it should have been... and that perhaps my due date was off.

Well, he's still 2 weeks big.

So, because they're worried about his due date being off (and because of my history of pre-eclampsia), I get to have 2 non-stress tests and doctor's visits per week.

It stinks, yo!


A long time ago, Josh asked exactly when the baby was coming.

As he was unable to understand exactly how far "January 29th" was at the time, I told him, "After Christmas."

The day after Christmas, he woke up bright and early, and asked me if I was going to get the baby out of my tummy.

So, we made a countdown to when he is going to be a big brother.

Every morning he diligently pulls off a ring, throws it away, comes back and counts the ones left.

It's pretty adorable.

I hope he is still excited when the baby is actually here.


(And if you're looking at my closet, yes, I have a Rubbermaid/Sterilite tub/labeling problem).


While I was at the doctor on Monday and Thursday, Mike and the kids did yard work.

Adam told me, "I don't think the baby cares if we have weeds in our yard."

I told him to go pull some more weeds.

Because it builds character.

And because nesting doesn't make sense.

The baby doesn't care if the tile under the refrigerator is cleaned either, nor does my Mom, but I still have a deep-rooted belief that it needs to be cleaned.


On Tuesday we went to our friend's house for a fantastic New Year's Eve party.

They have THE best view in the city of the fireworks show put on by the casinos on the strip.

It's an awesome show, and we look forward to it every year... and this year was the best yet.

Besides the fireworks, we laughed and talked and ate and broke out dancing skills (including Mike, who must have been drunk on a combination of soda, sugar, and 24 hours of no sleep), with our friends who have become like family to us.

It was perfect.


On Wednesday more yard work was done.

I need it to be done!

We got the last of the Christmas put away and organized in the shed.

We cleaned the house.

We rode bikes, played games, colored, and dug in the sand.

And because these kiddos of mine had been so ridiculously awesome about the yard work and house cleaning, we rewarded them with a trip to the dollar theatre to see Despicable Me 2.


It was more of the same on Thursday and Friday and Saturday: cleaning mixed in with lots of playtime and relaxing.  Adam and Grace had earned free buffets to Cici's at school, so Mike took the kids Friday night out to dinner there.

A pizza buffet isn't all that appealing to me at this point.

Most especially because this guy and I are such good friends even when I don't eat greasy, tomato-ey food:

Pizza would do me in for sure.


Grace has been begging for a haircut for a long time.

We haven't cut her hair in a year and a half, and I loved her long hair.

But, it was un-even, and she was dying for shorter hair.

So, on Saturday I watched a 4-minute video on YouTube, became an instant hairstylist, and cut 3 inches off.

It's too cute.

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