Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Family: Week of 1/20-1/26

On Monday, the kids had no school.

It was their 5th day of "no school" (they only go to school Monday-Thursday, and Thursday of the previous week was "staff development day", so they were off Thursday - Monday).

And, truthfully, they were kinda done with "no school."

Or, at least, they were tired of being stuck in a house with a itchy/tired/recovering-from-a-c-section Mama.

There was a lot of bickering and boredom and grumpies going around.

But, we still managed to have some fun with bike rides and outside play:  

Las Vegas weather is so gorgeous in January.

(I mean, not gorgeous enough that I think it's worth it to live here in August or anything, but I'll take it).


On Tuesday, Adam and Grace headed back-to-school and Josh realized the awesome-ness of having his Grammy all to himself.

They played games, went on bike rides, built legos, and argued about eating fruits and vegetables (Josh is against the idea).

Adam and Grace settled back into their school routine.

And we all fell in love with this guy even more:


Wednesday and Thursday played out the same way.

Except, on Thursday, my hives started to fade away.

Best.  Thing.  Ever!


On Friday, we walked down to the park!

There is an !exclamation! at the end of that sentence because it was soooo good to be feeling better and get out of the house.

Sam was not a fan of the sun:

It felt amazing to get some fresh air and watch Adam, Grace, and Josh run around and have fun.

We all do better when we get out of the house.

(No homebodies here).


On Saturday the kids played:

Grace cheered:

We picked our strawberry from our (confused) strawberry plant:

Payless donated a whole buncha shoes to D.I.  None in Adam or Josh's size, but Grace got some new shoes.  She's in love:

And we had pizza/ice cream/game night.


On Sunday, these guys all got ready for church.

If you ask Josh, he will tell you that he does NOT like Sam.

If you were to see how he behaves around that sweet baby, you'd know the real story:

That he is head-over-heels for the guy.

After church, I was holding a sleeping Sam, when Josh crawled into my lap, and fell asleep, too.

I adored that moment, with my arms full of sleeping baby boys, and my heart even fuller than that.

That night, Sam got his first bath.

He hated it at first, then was okay with it, and he hated it again toward the end.

The kids all insisted that he was stinky (and his cord fell off days ago), so we decided to scrub him up before his 2-week check tomorrow.

We'll keep working on his attitude toward bathing.


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Kathy said...

Please tell me that Mike is not holding my sweet grandson upside down over his shoulder! :)