Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Family: Week of 1/6-1/12

Looking back at pictures, I guess this week was all about Grace.

Of course, that's what Adam says about every week.



On Monday the kids headed back to school.

Winter break had been so wonderful.  It was relaxing and fun and productive.

I miss these little punks when they are at school!

But, they were excited to go back and see their friends and teachers... and I was a little excited to get back on our routine.

So, they went back.

{And my baby failed his NST (non-stress test).  So, I was a wreck all day}.


I usually get my appointments over with in the morning, but I had already committed to having some of Josh's friends over to play on Tuesday morning.  So, after a fun-filled toddler morning and lunch, I headed back to the doctor for a repeat NST.

And he passed within 12 minutes (though I had to be monitored for 20 minutes per the NST rules).

Apparently, baby boy likes to sleep-in like his brothers and was having a sleepy morning yesterday.


Grace had a project assigned over winter break about any subject that was interesting to her.  She chose butterflies.  We put the finishing touches on her project and her paper, and got it ready to present on Wednesday.


We went to the school early to make sure we were on time for school on Wednesday, since Grace was presenting first thing in the morning.

And it's a good thing, too.

Because at assembly we found out the Grace had been chosen as "Owl of the Month!"

Every month their school chooses a core value they work on (this month it is "responsibility") and a child from each grade who models that value.

We were so happy for her!

After assembly she presented her mobile and paper, and did a fabulous job.

My kiddos love to perform.

I have no idea where they got that.



On Thursday we came home to find some of our neighbors walking up to our house.

They wanted to buy our car.

We've had this baby for 10+ years.  Back in September it needed to be registered, but it has the "check engine" light on, and with our crazy-pregnancy-expenses we never had the extra money to fix it.

They were willing to fix it, and wanted it.

So, we sold Debbie.

And I cried that night because Heavenly Father has been so good to us.  Every time we have really needed help during this pregnancy, we've been blessed with extra hours at the hotel, babysitting jobs, and (now) an offer to buy our car.

It meant a new carseat and the hospital deposit were taken care of, and I didn't have to worry about it anymore.

We have been so blessed.


Last year, I found a program and set out to read all 4 standard works in a year.

I had never read the Bible before, and thought the program looked do-able.

So, I did.

I read almost every day (I had to play catch-up on some crazy days) for the entire year.

On December 31st, I sat down and read my last chapter in Luke and the last chapter in 3 Nephi.

Then the kids had a problem that I left to deal with, and I amidst our party-ing and fun that night, I forgot all about scriptures and reading the last 2 chapters in Ezekiel and Isaiah.

Until the next morning.

I'm such a crazy all-or-nothing kinda person and I was crushed when I realized I hadn't finished it in one year.

So, I put off those last chapters for a few days.

And then my logical awesome-ness of a husband told me that I was amazing to get so close, and it would be sad not to finish.

So, I finished on Friday.

Reading all 4 standard works in (almost) a year was an incredible experience that really strengthened my testimony and love of the scriptures.

I'm going to work on topics this year, because (logically) it would be overwhelming with a baby to read all 4 standard works again this year.  But, someday, I will tackle it again.


Back in September I went to pick up the kids from school, and found out that Grace was in the process of trying out for cheerleading.

My heart wrenched as I watched the try-outs.  There were a lot of girls trying out, and many that were experienced in gymnastics and dance, and I didn't want her to have her little heart broken.

But, she was determined.

A few days later we found out that her sweet coach must have seen how her eyes gleam when she dances, how hard she tries to do gymnastics, and her excited spirit... and she made the team.

She practices every week and is getting soooo much better!

On Saturday they got to cheer for the school volleyball team for the first time.

It was darling!

That night, we took the kiddos out to the store and picked out a carseat as a family.

We've been trying hard to include them in every bit of this pregnancy.

It's been fun, and I hope it makes them feel like they are completely a part of this experience.

Tonight, we are making bets on weight/length and amount of hair/hair color.

(It's the right thing to do in Vegas).

And in 3 days we will add a 4th little punk to our household.

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