Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Postdated November 2012

We had planned on going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving this year, and we were super looking forward to it, but it didn't end up working out with Mike's work schedule (boo!).

We missed being with family, but had a lot of fun carrying on our own little family's Thanksgiving traditions.

We began the day with a turkey trot:

Josh was really sick, and someone put my running shoes in a bucket of water outside (aren't kids fun?), so Mike, Adam, and Grace went, which Josh and I stayed home and cuddled.

When they got home, we got cooking.

The kids all chose and helped make a side dish (Adam-sweet potatoes, Grace-Grammy's cranberry salad, Josh-green beans).  They LOVED that!

While dinner was cooking, we played our football game.  Adam and I won!

(It's nice to have a pro on my team).


Finally... at 7:00 that night... because I didn't plan well with the baking schedule... we ate Thankgiving dinner.

It was soooo yummy!

I'm thankful for a month to focus on what we are grateful for, and all our blessings.

And I'm most especially thankful for this sweet family of mine.

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