Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adam's Mining Field Trip

Postdated from 2012

Adam's class got to go on a field trip to a mining museum today!

To add to the fun of a field trip, I let him take my camera to document it.

He took over 300 pictures and video...

... but I narrowed it down a bit for ya.

The bus:

Dangerous mine signs (1 of 46... I think he took a picture of every. single. sign):

He loved all of the trucks and BIG tires:

His first crush:

His best friend:

His second favorite part was ALL of the awesome rocks to look at:


Learning about what we make from mines (or, alternately, "The Man Who is Responsible for Me Receiving a Lecture on the Elements in My Toothpaste Each Time I Brush My Teeth from Adam"):

His very favorite part was mining for gold.

However, those pictures and video are blurry enough to make ya sick.

We can't have that.


He had such a great day learning about mines and how we use the materials that come from mines.

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