Monday, October 29, 2012

A Month of Halloween Fun!

Postdated from October 2012

Ooohhh... I LOVE Halloween! 

I can't quite figure out why... it's not because I like scary stuff. 

(Seriously... at one point I wanted to be an FBI agent who hunts down serial killers. I would've lasted about 1.3 seconds in that field, I'm such a chicken). 

But, man, I have always adored Halloween. It's just such a fun holiday.  We had a ton of fun this month getting ready and celebrating the spooky holiday. I didn't get a picture of everything, but we had a month of spookalicious fun and got through EVERYTHING on our countdown!


Boo-ed some friends with treats

Made homemade Halloween costumes

Played "Trick or Treat"

Played "Don't Eat Frank" (with a makeshift game card, because ours was temporarily lost)

Painted mini pumpkins

Went to a Halloween party

Played "Mummy Wrap"

Went to the haunted house/carnival at the library (our library ROCKS)

Made mummy mini pizzas

Played a spider game

Ate "Dinner-in-a-Pumpkin" (yeah, I've only pinned 22 ways to clean my baking sheets... goodness knows I've yet to try them, though)

Went to the school Halloween carnival

Played "Pin-the-Face-on-the-Pumpkin"

Bought pumpkins (I probably should be pulling the youngest punk off the pumpkins rather than taking pictures, I know)

Decorated cupcakes (I always chicken out of making sugar cookies)

Delivered MORE goodies after we got BOO-ed

Carved pumpkins (1 for boys, 1 for girls, and Adam's pumpkin he made at school for a math project)

Made haunted houses

Decorated our windows with spooky orange lights

Went to a Halloween story time

Ate a special Halloween-themed dinner (Goblin Eye Meatballs with Blood Sauce and Green Worms, Bone Breadsticks, and Crunchy Witches Salad with Potion for Dressing)

Went to the Halloween parade at the kids' school

Made "floating" ghosts

Hung ghosts from our tree out front

Made milk jug ghosts

I LOVE Halloween and celebrating ALL month with my kiddos is the best!

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Danielle Wagasky said...

How is it we have not seen eachother since October. We so need to fix this. We are doing town center park on Monday. You should come;)