Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Play... What's in My Vacuum Today

A year and a half ago or so, we played "What's in My Washer Today."

It was so fun, I decided to play it again with y'all.

Vacuum-style this time.


My vacuum hasn't been working so hot lately.

I emptied it, washed the filter, nothing helped.

And then while I was sitting staring at it this morning, I saw Josh nonchalantly walk over, unplug the hose, drop his leftover sandwich in, and walk away.

I told Mike, who took it all apart, and found the culprits.

Any guesses?



All of this was clogging it up:

Good grief!

Maybe I need to start a regular feature on here titled, "What's in My Appliance Today."

Or watch my kids better.

One of those things.


1 comment:

Grammy Suzzy said...

Sorry, but Grammy is absolutely laughing her head off!!!! That sweet little boy is just the most wonderful kiddo! He makes everyday an adventure! What would we all do without sweet Joshua?