Monday, January 23, 2012

Teeth Cleaning... Check!

I took Josh and Grace over to the dentist today, while Mike and Adam worked (more) on his Pinewood Derby car.

It was Josh's first time, and he did absolutely wonderful!

(Except for when he bit the dentist).

He opened his mouth, let them clean/fluoride/floss/examine his teeth, and didn't cry or fight at all.  I guess he must have thought she was done, though, because he closed his mouth on her finger, as she was pulling it out.

(Sorry Dr. Laurie!)

I have been talking to him for weeks about the appointment.  It got to the point that he would run up to me and say, "Dentist, brush teeth, balloon!"  He was pretty darn excited about going and getting the balloon that Adam and Grace always come home with.

They both have healthy teeth with NO cavities!  Grace got a perfect A+ on her "tooth report card" and Josh got a B+ (I think he had a little plaque).

Adam already had his appointment, and didn't have any cavities either.

Yay!  Yay!  Yay!

And we got some new suggestions for Grace's serious aversion to toothpaste.  She insanely hates all toothpaste.  Dr. Laurie told us to brush them dry for 2 minutes and then quickly brush with toothpaste... we tried it tonight and it worked great!  

Yay for not having her gag/throw up while I brush her teeth!


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