Saturday, October 4, 2008


Last night Grace was being a little goofy. Dancing around, jumping, and singing. All in an effort to stay out of bed. After tripping and hitting her head on the fireplace, she got what she wanted. Well, she got to stay up until 3:30 in the morning at least. I don't think she wanted the 1-inch long gash in her forehead.

I called the urgent care (really wanted to avoid the ER) and they assured me that they took care of lacerations, even deep ones, on young children. I drove there and waited. Only to hear the doctor tell me that there was 'no way' she could treat a 2-year-old. Thanks.

So, we headed to the children's ER. She was checked and re-checked for a concussion, I was questioned and re-questioned for abuse (sad world we live in), numbed up with gel, and put back together with 'plastic surgeon glue', which I've been told is a fancy name for 'super glue.' And after lots of Nemo stickers, juice, and a pink piggy puppet, she was happy and we came home.

She's doing great (and is already playing the sympathy card...), and I think that the worst part of this is going to be that she can't take a bath for 5 days. This girl looks forward to her bath at night all day. Five days is going to be torture!

I'm so thankful that she's okay and didn't have a concussion. I'm so thankful for the wonders of medicine. I still can't believe how relatively simple and easy the process was and that she didn't have to get shots/stitches that would have caused her additional pain. We are so blessed.

(BTW, do any of you have fireplaces and what do you use to protect the edges? We have the 'corner cushions' on the fireplace, but I haven't been able to find anything to go along the length... which is where she hit her head.)

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Kristi said...

Grace and I can be scar buddies! I have a scar on my forehead from when I ran into a truck.