Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food Nerd/Going Crazy

While we were living at NAU and going to school, I realized that I really liked cooking. Which was unfortunate, because our budget allowed for rice and beans, with the occasional treat of boxed mac-n-cheese.

It was cruel irony to get the Food Network for free, and yet have no money to make that kind of stuff. So being the COMPLETE nerd that I am (I'll admit it), I made a list of recipes that I wanted to make when we were rich.

Or, at least when we were out of the cup-o-noodles category.

So, while we aren't rich be any means now, we don't have to live solely on rice and beans anymore, either. And I've been indulging myself in (occasionally) making some of the creations that I've saved up so carefully.

I mentioned that I'm a nerd, right?

Last week I bought my very first leek and spaghetti squash to make this soup with this week, and I've pretty much been sighing in happiness every since. I actually keep peeking into the fridge so that I can see them. I'm so excited to cook the soup... chop up the leek, and roast my spaghetti squash like all of the famous chefs I used to adore (we don't get cable nowadays).

The thought that I just might be crazy to be this excited has crossed my mind.

I think that's what happens after being trapped in a house for 5 days with a sick little boy and a girl who "isn't allowed to sweat or the glue holding her forehead together will dissolve" does to you.

Makes you start worshiping leeks.

And pretending to be Rachael Ray.

And letting the world know about it.


Suzzy Rice aka Grammy Gingerbread said...

Hi, you sweet, wonderful chef. YOu are an inspiration. But, I have one question... is Adam going to eat this leek/spaghetti squash creation? Or is it gonna be pbj and white milk? He is not exactly an adventurous eater (neither is Nate!!) Let us know how it goes!

Casey and Brynn said...

I think you are my new hero. Please let me know how this recipe turns out! Take pictures too. You are brave!