Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 4/13-4/19

This sweet boy turned 15 months old this week!

He has turned from the world's most docile baby into a boy who throws his head back and screams the second he doesn't get his way.

He loves to be "helpful" by throwing things in the trash, and has added "Mom" (finally!) to his vocabulary. He loves to sing "Happy and You Know It," too.

He has not been as interested in eating lately. He is way more interested in climbing out of his high chair.


Dinnertime is always fun around here.  Everyone talks about their day and we laugh.


In early March I volunteered to sew for Adam's school musical, not realizing how difficult the dresses were.  I sewed three and they turned out pretty good! 

I have the pattern down by now, so I'm hoping that Grace chooses to be Rapunzel for Halloween.

How awesome would it be to have Halloween done in the summer?


The swing is still the hot item around here.

There is always a line to swing on it.


Mike has been working on the yard (yay!).

He conconted his own weed killer of vinegar, salt and dish soap.

We are hoping it works well!


I made Mike a huge batch of oven-baked chimichangas for him to take to work.


Everyone loves helping make pizzas every Saturday night for movie night.  Grace did the sauce and cheese all by herself this time around.

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