Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 4/6-4/12

Adam and Grace both auditioned for the school talent show (and both made it!).

Adam decided to start his own little YouTube account with his piano songs, including the song he is playing for the talent show, "Don't Stop Believin.'"


On Monday, we had our traditional after-Easter-FHE of dyeing the eggs.

They all had so much fun coloring those eggs!

Sam was especially amazed.


Josh made the world's cutest horse at pre-school.

They are learning about the farm and the letter "H" so this fit right in.


As much as Sam enjoyed coloring the eggs, he had even more fun attacking them one morning when the fridge wasn't closed all of the way.


Two years ago I bought a tree swing.

The kids have been begging Mike to install it ever since.

He finally did!

And we are so glad!

These kids would rather swing than do anything else, so everyone's been having fun and getting exercise on it!


Sam attacked the eggs again.

At least this time he had the decency to bring his mischief outside.


More park play.

This time while Grace was at volleyball practice.

We can't get enough of this weather.


We had parent teacher conferences this week.  I had to get my annual routine labs drawn early in the morning, and we had a little time to kill before conferences, so we went to the park.

This time Dad got to come along, so it was extra fun.

He pushes them way higher on the swings than I ever would.


Josh was invited to his first birthday party!

It was a "Cars" theme and he had the best time playing with his pre-school friends.


Mike has been super-busy (he's Young Men's president) getting ready for the annual youth camp fundraiser.  Our ward has a dinner and an auction, and it's a blast.

My cute Activity Day girls and I made masks and capes to donate.

The dinner theme was "fiesta" and we had yummy taco bowls.

Along with a super-fun pinata.


On Sundays I teach the older Valiant class (10- and 11-year olds).  Our lesson was on keeping the Sabbath day holy, so I brought some donut holes as a class treat.  (Holes/holy).

Unfortunately, during Sacrament meeting, an electrical fire broke out.

Church ended up being cancelled for the day.

So donut holes were handed out in the parking lot instead.

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