Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Family: Week of 9/8-9/14

(Still using the cell phone, so please excuse the blurry - and lack of - photos here).

On Monday, we had a little FHE bike fixin'.

These guys were too happy having fixed bikes to ride around on and play with... and use to jump off the ramp that Papa helped them make.

On Tuesday, it rained!

And if you live in Las Vegas, my friends, rain is a glorious-sweater-worthy thing.


On Wednesday, Grace and I made a Barbie princess cake for our sweet friend who just turned 3.  Her mom recently had a baby and we thought it would be fun to help her out.

Josh helped with licking the beaters.

Someone had to make sure it wasn't poisonous.


On Thursday I got to go to the kids' school for "Lunch With a Loved One."

I went ahead and made my life easy, and grabbed a macaroni and cheese pizza from CiCi's.

They loved that pizza.

And Sam, Josh, and I loved eating lunch with those cute school kids of ours.


On Friday we baby-sat.

Sam attacked the cat.

The cat is very drawn to him and puts up with all kinds of abuse.

Maybe it's because he's so stinkin' cute.

That afternoon we went to Adam's first football practice.

The kids had a blast playing on the playground together and eating a picnic lunch in the beautiful weather.

Sam was determined that pine needles must taste good.  He would pick up a handful, cram them into his mouth, make a horrid face, and then do it again.


We had a quiet weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Cleaning.  Playing at the park and hitting the library.

Going to church.

Football and volleyball games start soon, so we are taking all of the quiet weekends we can get.

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