Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Family: Week of 9/15-9/21

When Mike lost his second job back in June, any "extra" money went with it.

Which means our Cafe Rio days are long gone.

So, when I saw some free lunch passes being given away on Facebook, I jumped on that.

We had a fantastic lunch there on Monday... poor Adam and Grace missed out, being at school and all, but what they don't know, won't hurt them.


It was insanely good.

And, in other news, Mr. Sam popped in some more teeth:

That evening, Josh was in charge of Family Home Evening, and he chose a short lesson with park play and making Grandma Hansom's popcorn balls as the treat.

They are his favorite...  both for the taste AND the fun-making factor.


Last Tuesday, I neglected to mention that Nevada Early Intervention had came and checked out Sam.  I wasn't worried, his doctor wasn't worried, but my good friend who works for them was a little worried.

Which made me worry a little afterall.

So I gave them a call.

Sam has really flexible hips, and goes from laying to sitting via the middle splits.  His hips are so flexible that he can't stay in the crawling position for long.

They came and checked him out, and he didn't qualify for help (yay!), but the physical therapist showed me some exercises to do with him to strengthen his hips.

We worked on them all week... and on Tuesday he crawled for the first time.

That cute thing is pretty proud of himself...

... and, well, we are all pretty proud of the sweet thing, too.


Sometimes I get a little sad about the huge age gap between my kiddos.

But, when you have your older ones begging to do things like feeding, rocking, and taking care of the younger ones, it makes up for it.

It warms my heart, I tell ya.

Love this big older brother.

And I think Sam's pretty much in love with him, too.


Thursday was filled with to-do lists, piano practices and lessons, little tooth-y smiles, and 11-year-old Scouts. Grace will soon have her volleyball games on Thursday evenings, so that's going to be busy (and fun).


On Friday we baby-sat in the morning, and then and headed out to football practice.

It's on the other side of town in the Summerlin area, so heading out is a whole ordeal.

Especially when you are bringing another 4-year-old + another baby with ya.

They all had a blast playing together, while Adam had a great time practicing football.

Afterward we were happy that we were on the other side of town so close to a Krispy Kreme (there aren't any on the east side), because it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day".  Some quick makeshift costumes ensued, and each kid claimed a dozen donuts (most of which we brought over to D.I. to spread some happiness among the employees).


On Saturday, Adam had his first flag football game.

He did a great job as Center, and they won.

That evening we had a ward party, complete with a kids cookie baking contest.

So we busied ourselves making 3 batches to take.

Grace took lemon sandwich cookies (and won a prize for "Bellybuster Cookies").

Josh made Rocky Road cookies, and won "Best Topped Cookie."

Adam was going to make the Andes mint cookies, but no Andes mints were to be found. So, he topped them with some Symphony bar pieces instead... he won "Most Chocolate-y."

We had a great time making (and sampling) them.

The ward party was a blast.  It was an outdoor picnic-themed party, and they had a lot of games, stilts for the kids, and fun activities.


Sunday was spent with meetings (for Mike), lessons taught by both of us, church attended by all, a family dinner, and games.

A nice end to a busy and fun-filled week.

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