Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Family: Week of 8/25-8/31

On Monday morning Adam and Grace woke up bright and early.  They were excited for their first days of 3rd grade and 6th grade!

And to see all of their friends again, I'm sure.

The first day of school is always a l-o-n-g day for me.

Josh and Sam slept the day away.

I guess their olders siblings wore them out this summer.


On Tuesday they woke up bright and early, too.

I'm hoping this excitement lasts.

We started a new routine of scripture study in the morning (rather than in the evening).

I'm hoping that lasts, too.


On Wednesday I filled out forms.

The kids did homework.

And Mike went to mutual.


On Thursday Grace brought some treats to school to celebrate her birthday.

They were devoured.

That evening we went to Josh's pre-school orientation.

I've never been "for" pre-school for my kiddos.  When Adam was 4, I talked to a friend about whether I should do pre-school and she told me that "once they are gone, they are gone."

So I didn't.

After years of the kids being in school, I now know what she meant.  

Once they are in school, you never get them back.  You no longer become the only influence in their lives.  You lose that time with them each day.

So, I worked with my kids at home, and vowed to keep them there until kindergarten.

Until Josh.

Josh is very attached to me.

He is extremely adventurous and daring, but is also very much a Mama's boy.  (Which I love).  But, has also made knots form in my stomach at the thought of him crying next year (me too) as I dropped him off at kindergarten.

An amazing friend is doing a pre-school class this year.  So, after much prayer and deliberation, I signed him up.  He will go Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 1/2 hours.  Just enough to get him used to the thought of being away from me (while having fun and learning.)

He still doesn't want to go... even after his teacher gave him this cute countdown and everything: 

But I know it will be good for him.

And me.


On Friday we baby-sat.

And made Grace's birthday cake.

She wanted a Barbie doll cake, again.

Blue like Elsa this time.

After she went to sleep, the boys helped me decorate: blue and purple streamers and snowflakes for a Frozen themed birthday.


On Saturday we celebrated our sweet Grace's 8th birthday!

Grace is such a little light.  She brings joy and smiles and laughter in the form of giggles, sweet notes, and her charm.  When we walked into school last week for the open house, all of the teachers and kids we saw said, "Grace!" and gave her a big hug.

That girl is a doll, I tell ya.

So thankful she is mine.

In our family, we let the kids have their first "friend" birthday party when they turn 8.

However, with her getting baptized next week and school just starting, I was stressed as it was.  So, I asked if we could bump it to her 9th birthday, and instead she could invite her best friend over to celebrate her day.  She happily agreed.  I found a Groupon for Bounce U, so we went there for some jumping fun.

We all had a blast.

Afterward, we came home and let the girls play.

We called our friends, the C* family, and they came over to join us for pizza and cake and presents.

Grace got a pair of roller skates and "smelly" markers from us, a friendship bracelet kit and gift card from friends, a book, cards, and money.

She is very excited to spend that money on some "fluffy" boots.

Afterward, we had cake.

My cell phone stopped working, so this is the only pic I could get:

My sweet friend grabbed some for me, so I'll have to post those when I get them.

We had a wonderful day celebrating a very wonderful girl.


On Sunday we went to church.

And rested.

After our first week of school and a birthday celebration, we needed it!

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