Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Family: Week of 5/26-6/1

On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day.

Grace's ears were still hurting, so we gave her lots of fluids, ibuprofen, and warm rice packs.

She was doing better by the evening, so we had a yummy barbecue dinner and drove out to Southern Highlands, for the fireworks show.

On the way there, Grace threw up in the car.

We got her cleaned up, and watched the fireworks from the car while we drove back home.


On Tuesday, Adam headed back to school.

Grace stayed home.

Her ears were still hurting a little, so we didn't want to take any chances.

That evening, Adam received his Arrow of Light award.

We are so proud of his hard work in Cub Scouts!


On Wednesday Josh shared his chair with Sam.

These boys are so cute!


Thursday was a pretty busy day.

We started off the morning watching Grace's presentation on Alexander Graham Bell.

She did a great job!

We raced home from her presentation to feed Sam and pick up the house before heading back for the school talent show.

Grace's class performed a song from "Grease" and performed her "Pompeii" dance with the rest of the cheerleaders.

She did sooo good!

Adam played "Demons" by Imagine Dragons on the piano.

The kids were pretty restless (it was a long talent show), but I loved how the room became dead silent as he played and they all listened.

(My video of the actual performance isn't so hot... a tired/bored 4-year-old and a tired/bored 4-month-old on my lap made video taking tricky).


So we recorded it again at home for ya.

He did a wonderful job, too.


On Friday Josh painted me a plate, like he had seen Grace give me a few years ago for Mother's Day.

Of course, Grace's was on a ceramic plate specifically made for painting...


It was a sweet thought.

He has been having a rough time lately.

I think the excitement of Sam has passed and he's missing not getting as much of my attention.

Luckily, his best buds will be out of school soon, and he will get plenty of playtime with them.


On Saturday we went to Adam's basketball game.

He scored 8 points.

I am so thankful he was able to participate in basketball this season (just 2 more games!).  It's been so good for him.


On Sunday, we headed to the other side of town for our nephew/cousin, Noah's, baby blessing.

(These pictures are shamelessly stolen from my sister-in-law Kristi).

Afterward, we had lunch at their house together.

It was a great Sunday.

It's so fun to have family in town!

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