Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Family: Week of 5/19-5/25

On Monday, Mike went into work for a couple of meetings he had to take care of (it was his day off).

The school called, and I didn't hear the phone.

So, they reached Mike at work (who, luckily, happened to be there).

Grace had gotten sick at school, and needed a change of clothes.

She felt fine, and didn't have a temperature, so the nurse said we could keep her at school.

So we did.

It ended up being the beginning of a weird week-long virus for Grace.

That afternoon Mike slept.

We went to Sam's Club (our mysterious membership is still good, so we stocked up on the bread and milk).

Ate an afternoon snack of samples.

And came home to wake Mike up so he could grill for us (aren't we nice?) and eat with us, before he went back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

We love him (and his awesome grilling skills).


On Tuesday, Mike took the new van to the hotel to work... and it broke down on him on the way home.

We are so thankful for our awesome roadside assistance!

We got him to work (and made him promise not to drive his new van until it was fixed).

Adam surprised me that afternoon with a new read he borrowed from a teacher:

It has nothing to do with wimpy kids or Origami Star Wars characters or underwear.

I have been begging him to stretch himself in the reading area... and he willingly did.

And he's loving it.

Score for classic books!


On Wednesday Grace had her last cheer practice.

I am so thankful she got to be on the team this year... she learned so much.

They have one more performance at the talent show, and it is so bittersweet, as her cheer instructor is moving to Colorado next year.  Her cheer instructor is a 7th grade teacher at their school who was a cheerleader in high school, and wanted to continue with her passion, so she spent her after school time 3 days a week making a cheer team.  There's a good chance there won't be a cheer team next year, so I am thankful she got to be a part this year!  It's been sooo good for her!

That evening, Mike got to go to several of his young men's spring choir concert.

He had a great time listening to those super-talented guys.

After school, Grace started feeling tired.

She came down with a high temperature that evening, with no other symptoms, and went to bed early.


On Thursday morning, Grace was still fever-ish, so she stayed home from school.

While she slept, the rest of the family woke up to healthy carrot-oatmeal-whole-wheat-Greek-yogurt muffins for breakfast.... in Christmas wrappers (it's how I roll).

They tasted... very healthy.


Several hours later, Grace was back to her usual self.

And making my favorite baby boy smile.

The check engine light had come on in our van (again) so Mike checked it out, changed the thermostat, and took it on a test drive.

It worked great.


We had a fun evening together as a family, until Grace started complaining about not feeling well, and she came down with a fever and sore throat again.


On Friday morning, our doorbell rang bright and early at 6:30.

My brother, Morgan, was at the door.

He had gotten to Las Vegas in the middle of the night and slept in our backyard.

The kids were super-excited to see him.

We hung out and began getting ready for our trip to Phoenix.

Grace was feeling fine... until that afternoon when she broke out with a weird rash on her face.


On Saturday, my brother noticed that our tire had a huge bubble in it.

And it needed to be changed.

So they took care of it.

It made me start thinking about Phoenix.

Nothing just was going right; we had $500 in un-expected car repairs this month.  Everything just seemed to need replacing.  Grace was having the world's weirdest illness.  I couldn't find a sub for my Primary class. And I had an insanely painful clogged milk duct that I was worried was bordering on mastitis, so I spent my time pumping/nursing/sanitizing the pump like crazy trying to get it un-clogged, taking away from packing time.  Nothing was working out.

But, we hadn't been to Phoenix for 2 years, and wanted to see Mike's family and attend my brother's wedding reception.  Grace had been fine all day... no fever, sore throat, or cough.  Her rash was going away, and we thought she was doing better.

So, we decided to leave at 3:30 in the morning, early Sunday, get to Phoenix in time to go to church with Mike's family, and have a great weekend with family.


At midnight on Sunday, Grace woke up screaming that her ears hurt.

Her neck and chin were full of swollen lymph nodes, and both ears "killed."

We decided that Phoenix just wasn't meant to be.

Mike and I celebrated our 13th Anniversary on Sunday.

And by "celebrated" I mean we took care of a sick Grace and scraped together a random assortment of food for dinner.

(We had planned on being in Phoenix, eating dinner with Mike's family, so I hadn't made a grocery trip/menu plan).

We had been hoping to sneak in a date while in Phoenix, because the last one was in October.... but that plan got scratched with us staying home, too.

But, that's real life, people!

And, honestly, I will take real life with this guy by my side, any day.

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