Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our Family: Week of 4/28-5/4

On Monday, a stash of fabric was delivered to my doorstep.

It was a "Don't Cry About All of the Hair Falling Out in Your Hairbrush and Clogging the Drain in the Shower After the Last of the Pregnancy Hormones Have Hit the Road" gift to myself.

(If you've never heard of it... Girl Charlee has darling knits that are less than $5/yard.  And if a new matching maxi skirt for your and your best girlee can't make you feel better about losing your hair after pregnancy, then what can?).


On Tuesday, my sweet baby Sam went to the pediatric dentist.

She examined him, and found him to have a pretty bad tongue tie.  His lack of ability to move his tongue correctly was affecting my milk supply and causing reflux, and could cause speech problems and cavities later down the road, so we had it clipped via laser.

He looked adorable in the little glasses and cried a bit, but it was over in less than a minute.

Afterward, she informed me of the horrible part: the massages and stretches.

Four times a day I get to feel like the worst Mama in the world while I massage under his tongue, break up the tissue, and stretch his tongue to avoid re-attachment and getting the whole procedure done again.


We gave him some Tylenol and he did pretty good that day.


The next two days, Sam had a hard time nursing.

He was in pain.

He couldn't suck the old way, and is still trying to figure out the proper way.

So, he was hungry, too.

He will get it down (we do tongue sucking exercises three times a day).


If you know Josh, you know that that kid has something seriously against wearing the same shoes.

And of wearing the correct shoes on the correct feet.

Wednesday was no different.

Ya gotta pick your battles, right?


On Thursday, Adam and Grace went on a field trip to see the new Disneynature movie, Bears.

They both loved it!

After we picked them up from school, we stopped in at the book fair, where they spent their hard-earned weed-pulling money on some books and erasers.

I love when book fair time pulls around.

Because of the new yummy books.

But also because I get some weeds pulled.



On Friday it was time to get the car registered.

It was the paycheck I had budgeted it for it to happen.

So, of course, the "check engine light" came on a few days ago.

Mike finally had a few seconds, so he replaced the spark plugs and the spark plug wires and it was good-to-go and passed emissions.

We are sooo thankful it was an easy fix.


On Saturday, Adam played in another basketball game.

He had two back-to-back games.

In the first, he made 2 points and seemed pretty discouraged.

During the second, we went out to the van to change and nurse Sam.

When we came back, he was doing great, and scored ten points!

Apparently, us being there was a little un-lucky for him.


I'm so thankful for his awesome principal, who is the coach, and for all that he has learned.

After the game, we ran to Smith's to do some grocery shopping.

And on Saturdays, they give out free mini soft serve ice cream cones.

These guys were pretty happy about that.

That evening, after our house was sparkling clean, we made some pizza and (finally) got around to watching Planes.

Followed by baths for my chunky monkey (and other kids).


On Sunday after church, Grace was sitting on a large brick in our front yard.

She put her hands under it to adjust it.

The rock shifted and crushed her finger soooo hard that tissue burst out of the tip, spraying blood all over her.

I can handle some blood, but it was bad.

Mike was gone, and I tried to bandage it while she screamed for 45 minutes from the pain.  I didn't know what to do with all of the tissue, however, and with her screaming and swelling, we were afraid it was broken.

So as soon as Mike came home, they went to the ER.

Thankfully (I think... I always feel silly for going to the ER when nothing turns out being wrong) it wasn't broken.  They cauterized her tissue and fingernail (to release the pressure), gave her a popsicle, and sent them home.

It was a huge "ice cream man" type of popsicle, and Grace was over-the-moon about it.

So much so that when she walked through out front door, she declared it to be the best day of her life.

And made her brothers extremely jealous.


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