Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Family: Week of 3/3-3/9

On Monday I had my 6-week check.

Everything's lookin' good!

My doctor asked if my baby was growing okay.

I think these chubby legs confirm my answer of "yes."

And this little chunky foot that likes to pop out when I'm nursing:

 And this leg that likes to always bend back while he eats, too.

I love him bad.

How does one ever stop having babies?


This week is Nevada Reading Week (and spirit week at the kids' school).

Monday was "Pajama Day" and Tuesday was "Favorite Book Character" day.

Grace was Pinkalicious and Adam was Peeta from The Hunger Games.

I received a call that afternoon from my brother + cousins who were on their way back to Utah from Phoenix (for Nate's homecoming).

They stopped by and visited for a bit.

Josh had fun with my cousin, who was a fun play-mate.

And Sam got to meet Uncle Mo for the first time.

That evening was the Pinewood Derby car weigh-in.  To save money on track rental, our Pinewood Derby is being done as a stake this year.  With so many boys needing to race, they weighed the cars early.


Adam woke us up at 2:00 in the morning early Wednesday, yelling, "Josh is making funny noises!"

We ran in, and the boy who had been fine all day on Tuesday, was struggling to breathe with a bad case of croup.

We've done croup several times with Adam and Grace, so we ran a hot shower and held him in the room with the door shut tight (so the steam would open up his airways).  We tried cold drinks and cold air.

After all the hot water was gone, he was laying on my bed, shaking and sounding like a fish out of water.

Having asthma, and knowing how absolutely, positively terrifying it is not to be able to breathe, tugged at my heart strings, and I asked Mike to take him to the E.R.

Some medicine, several breathing treatments, a blessing, and 4 hours later, he ran in the door happy and yelling at us to wake up and get ready for the day.

Man, I'm thankful for good doctors, insurance, and Mike.

That day was "Wacky Wednesday."

Adam and Grace did their best to be super-wacky.

I think they succeeded.


Thursday was "Spirit Day" at the school.

Plus, "Lunch With a Loved One."

I hauled Sam, Josh and some Sonic + grapes down to the school.

We had a fun lunch and then toured the kids' decorated classroom doors for the "Classroom Door" competition.  Each class chose a book and decorated it for the week.

Grace's was Reading Gives You Wings.

Adam's was Through the Looking Glass.

It was a long, fun day.


On Friday we cleaned and cleaned.

My house still looks gross.

Babies are adorable, sweet, delicious-smelling things that suck all of the time + energy away that is normally used for house cleaning.

(Maybe that's how people stop having babies).

We learned about Greece, ate chicken gyros, watched Greek folk dancing videos, a buncha fights broke out, and I swore I was done with "Foreign Fridays."

But, they are so much fun, I'm probably not.


Saturday was Adam's third and final (sniff!) Pinewood Derby.

("Sniff"?  Who am I kidding?  Thank-freaking-goodness is more like it).


There were 27 boys racing, and by my figuring, he placed 6th.  We will get his "official" placing on Tuesday.  He won 3 of his 4 races, and (most important) had a great time.  Both he and Mike had a great time planning, building, and racing his car.

That night, after some more cleaning (house is still gross), we had spaghetti (Mike worked late... the only way we get to eat spaghetti around here, as he hates it), and baths.

We threw Sam in the big tub for the first time.

He loved it.

So did Josh.


On Sunday we went on a drive after church + lunch to see this gorgeous, recently-abandoned church in our stake.

And finished dinner off with some "no bake cookies."

Cookies + Sundays just seem to go together.

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, my goodness...Poor Joshy, and poor family!!! I am so very thankful he is doing better!!!

Hurray for Spirit Week...and for all the Wilkins and their Spirited week of good things!