Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Family: Week of 3/17-3/23

We woke up bright and early on Monday to see if we had caught any leprechauns.

We didn't.


They managed to escape.  But, before they did, they left some gold candy in each of the kids' traps.

And a sneaky tattoo on each of their cheeks.

Unfortunately, Adam had a career project due that day, that required an interview in professional attire.  And shamrocks on cheeks are not professional.

So he scrubbed his off.

(By the way, he did awesome at his interview and got a 92 percent on his project.  Yay, Adam!)

After we got the kids/Mike dropped off, Sam had an appointment at the pediatric urologist on the other side of town.  His pediatrician had a concern at his last well check, and referred him there.

It took 25 minutes to drive there, 20 minutes to fill out the paperwork... and we saw the doctor for 2 minutes (who declared him just fine).

Before sending us on the 25 minute drive back home.

But, he's healthy, so it's all good.

That afternoon Josh and I made green French bread for some green French bread pizza for dinner.

It was yummy.


Tuesday morning began early for me.

After I get Sam in bed for the night, I usually stay up until midnight to get all of the housework done.  Sam gets up around 2:00, goes back to bed around 2:45.  He gets up again around 5:00, and I stay up for the day.

During that 5:00 feeding I feel dead.

So, Netflix is my friend when the sun starts coming up, so I can stay awake.

Hopefully he will start sleeping in larger stretches soon.

Adam joined the basketball team at school, and they began meeting Tuesday afternoons for practice.  He loves basketball, so I'm thankful he has the opportunity.


On Wednesday Adam surprised me with a little treat he made for me to eat as a snack:

Too sweet!

When we moved to our house, there was a piece of wood in the D.I. truck that I kept.  A year later, I painted it yellow.  It sits on my mantle, blank and weird, occasionally.

I decided to make some word art with it and some random chipboard letters I had in my scrapbooking stuff.

Creating is super-fun.

And it motivates me to clean.

(i.e. scrub a tub, paint a coat; do some laundry, paint a coat).


On Thursday, I had my first Activity Days meeting since having Sam.

These cute girls have been bugging me to have one.

So I (finally) did.

We watched the "Bullying" video, talked about how hurtful gossip is, and made homemade lipgloss, to remind us to keep our words as sweet as our lips.

It was fun.

And crazy hard, with Mike at work, Josh running around like a maniac, and Sam screaming.


On Friday, we went to Redbox and I rewarded the kids with getting all of their chores done (and for staying in all day with visiting teachers and a/c repairmen) by watching Frozen.


They loved it!

That evening, we got to meet our newest nephew/cousin, Noah, and visit with Grandma and Grandpa, who had come up to help with their new grandson.

He is cute!

(Thanks for taking this picture, Kristi!)

We had a really fun time visiting, imprinting Sam's footprint in cement for Grandma's garden, having a Las Vegas Wilkins pizza night, and watching Frozen.



The weather has been so gorgeous here lately.

But, we have all been dying from allergies, so we haven't been able to enjoy it.

We gave up on that on Saturday and went outside to ride bikes, while Mike was at youth conference all day.

They played "pizza delivery."

Adam's bike was stolen months ago.  Mike has been watching for a good bike to come into D.I. (if it needs too much repairs, it isn't worth it).

Earlier this week, a great one was donated and he brought it home for Adam.

Adam has been basking in his new-found freedom ever since.

He rode over 10 miles on Friday, and rode to a friends' house this morning to play.

He is in heaven.

Sam and I enjoyed watching them ride bikes.

And every so often, Josh would come over to enjoy on Sam.


Though I can't seem to get my own act together with my visiting teaching, someone went ahead and made me Mike's home teaching companion.


We decided to take the easy route this month, and make cookies with General Conference reminders taped to the top.

We delivered them on Sunday after church.

It was some good family time.

That involved cookies being snuck.


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