Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Family: Week of 2/24-3/2

We started Monday out at the grocery store, after dropping the kids and Mike off, stocking up on healthy foods.

It's been 6 weeks since my baby boy was born... and it was time to get healthy!

I have 6 pounds to lose before I have lost all of the baby weight from all of my babies (I am 6 pounds away from weighing what I did before I got pregnant with Adam).

Then I will move onto the 28 "Miscarriage Depression" pounds.

It's a process.


After we stocked up on fruits and veggies, my little photography assistant and I tried to get a good picture of Sam for Elder Rice's homecoming on Saturday.

I'm not sure about how Sam feels about my assistant's techniques for maneuvering heads.


On Tuesday, we had Pack Meeting.

Adam earned the Webelos pins for "Outdoorsman," "Naturalist," "Artist," "Athlete," "Readyman," "Sportsman," "Family Member," "Fitness," and "Scholar."

Yay, Adam!

On Wednesday, Mike had the day off.

Which meant some more weeds got burned.

I started taking down my February mantle:

I have four blocks on it that rotate with the words "XOXO," "Love," "Hugs," and "Kiss."

Mike and Adam spent all month spelling every word that they could think of that had nothing to do with love:


While Mike was at mutual, we made posters for Elder Rice's homecoming picture.

We can't make it down to Phoenix (boo!) for his airport arrival, but we are hoping a picture of our family with our posters will help him know that we are there in spirit.


On Thursday morning, I had everything set up for a photo shoot to take pictures with our posters for Elder Rice's homecoming.

We only had a few minutes to do it, and a fight broke out.

So, it didn't happen.

We dropped the family off at school + work, went to Zumba, came home, ate lunch, fed Sam, and I savored his legs scrunching up (like only newborns do).

I miss having a baby already.

While I showered, Josh went ahead and took a "selfie."

Along with 50 more random pictures of our house.


Last week, Josh took my keys to open the car doors for me.

He came in and told me that he had thrown them into the tree instead.

(He had just been tossing them up, and they got caught in the tree on accident).

We have spent much of the past week staring up into the tree trying to spot those darn keys!

Finally Mike did on Friday morning:

We got some shopping done that afternoon.  I am the luckiest mom alive to have 3 helpers who scan and bag all of the groceries for me while I keep Sam occupied.

That night we learned about France.  The kids loved learning about the Louvre, the Lascaux Caves, and the Versailles Palace.

And they really loved eating Croque Monsieurs, french fries, grapes and eclairs for dinner.


On Saturday Grace and I read all of the updates my mom was leaving on Facebook about Elder Rice's arrival in Phoenix.

We moped.

We soooo wanted to be there.

We took the posters we made and snapped a picture of the kids (not the whole family, but ya gotta do what ya can).

It made Grace feel a little better.

There is a famous family-owned bakery here (Freed's) that does a once-a-year $1 cupcake sale.

(And while I know that logically I could make 24 cupcakes for a little over $1, it's fun to do once a year).

So, we headed over to Henderson, got some super-crazy-yummy cupcakes and played at the park in the absolutely gorgeous weather.

Park play (where she completed the monkey bars for the first time!) + strawberry cream cupcakes made Grace feel a whole lot better.

(Though she would've traded 100 cupcakes to be able to squeeze her very best buddy in person).


On Sunday, Sam went to church for the first time (and I went back, too).

I was sitting in Primary, holding a sleeping Sam, looking at my CTR 6/7 kids (a few who are very much full-of-life), wondering how I was going to teach while holding a sleeping baby (I just read about how leaving your baby in a carseat can kill them this week, so because I'm a crayz-paranoid-worrier-Mom, the carseat thing was a no-go).

A sweet friend came up and offered to hold him for me.

He slept, I taught, and it all worked out perfectly.

That evening, Mike went on splits with the missionaries.

When he came home, he made grilled cheese for dinner and helped Adam with his Pinewood Derby car.

And I loved on Sam.

Which (if you hadn't noticed) is my most favorite thing to do lately.

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