Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

For the first time in MONTHS, we got Mike for the day!

He had a 3-day weekend from D.I. (he worked all 3 nights at Red Roof Inn)... so on Saturday he wasn't catching up on sleep or working... he was all ours!

We got him for a little bit on Monday, too, in-between his naps. 

It was soooo fun!

We introduced him to the awesome park the kids and I found over the summer:

Had a yummy barbecue (Man!  We have missed Mike's grilling!):

Toasted (or burned, in Adam's case) marshmallows:

And busted out the water guns:

It was such a great weekend!

It is so hard having Mike gone so much, but it sure has made the time we do get to be with him so much sweeter!

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