Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Miss Grace!

My sweet baby girl turned 6 today!

Grace requested a Barbie-themed birthday.  I found a tablecloth, and we did lots of pink streamers and pink balloons:

She brought blue frosted with sprinkles cookies to school and came home and played with play-dough with Josh (a most-definite treat around here):

She wanted homemade pizza and salad for dinner:

And we topped off our yummy dinner with Barbie cake and ice cream:

I had a hard time thinking of what to get her for her birthday.  Grace never asks for much; she only wanted "something girly" when I asked her what she wanted.  My friend, Carla, makes THE most darling pettiskirts, and ran a special just before Grace's birthday on them; she was only charging for the cost of the materials.  Crazy awesome!  So, I asked her to make a blue pettiskirt for Grace and Hannah. 

We hid her gift and played hot-and-cold to find it.  She LOVED it!

On Sunday I got a few pics of my beauty and her friend:

We had such a fun day celebrating Grace!


When I was in the hospital about to have Grace, Mike gave me a blessing.  The blessing mentioned the sweet spirit that was being sent to our family.  2 years into being her mom, and I wasn't sure we had the right spirit.  She was fiery, fiesty, a terror... anything but sweet.  Somewhere around 3, though, she changed and I realized that sweet was the only word I could use to describe her.

A few weeks ago, Mike was on his 3rd day of working doubles, Adam was having a really hard day and acting out, and Josh was being a 2-year-old terror.  It was all too much, and I went to my bedroom to cry and feel sorry for myself.  She came in, took my hand, and told me that Adam and Josh were still learning, and that it would be okay.

It's kinda sad when the child has to comfort the adult.

But, she did.

She does sweet things like that all of the time; love notes, hugs, caring when someone is hurt, befriending the person who is alone.  She is absolutely the sweet spirit that Heavenly Father promised.  She teaches me more about love and compassion than I could ever teach her.  I don't know what I ever did to get to deserve to be her mom, but I am so glad that I am.

Happy Birthday, Grace!

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Grammy Suzzy said...

Oh, what you said is soooo true! Grace truly is heaven sent! And I really think it did start at her beginnings. I always remember that, no matter how bad or sad you felt, you could just hold baby Grace, and the bad and sad would just literally melt from your body, and instant peace and goodness filled you up. I can always tell when I haven't had a Grace hug for too long, and then we have to trek up to just get one of those sweet, wonderful "Grace shots" that protect us from the challenges that face us! Love you Gracie!!! and Happy Birthday!!!