Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adam's Mama is So Cheap...

Adam and I have played an on-going game of Monopoly for months.  (Well, not the same game.  We play for 15 minutes every 3 nights after bedtime... so we've finished a few games in that time.  We just keep starting new ones.)

Mike and I bought this Monopoly game when we were brand spankin' newly married.  And it's been played a lot and has gotten a lot of abuse over the past 11 years.

It finally cracked.


So, we kinda just prop it together.

And every few minutes it gets bumped and must be re-arranged.

But, we deal.

And THAT, my friends...

... is how cheap Adam's mama is.


Grammy Suzzy said...

It's the Rice in you!

kedwards said...

You should tape it together with some packing tape. That way it will stay together but you can still see the important parts.