Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Training the Third

I have been absolutely dreading potty training Josh.

In fact, I told Mike, "I would have a dozen kids for you... if I didn't have to potty train them."

And then, Josh went ahead and got potty trained.

In a day.

Which made me start worrying the it was a sign that I should have a baby or something.


I don't take any credit for his potty training so fast.

The fact that he has some OCD tendencies/is insanely (and annoyingly-most-of-the-time) crazy independent, is completely the real reason he did it sooo stinkin' fast.

Of course, lots of M&Ms, praise, and earning a Thomas the Train toy (when he finally filled that HUGE chart... good grief!) didn't hurt either.


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Kathy said...

Yeah Josh! What a big boy!