Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Fantastic 4th of July!

This week was already fantastic, because Ethan and Cameo (my brother and his wife) came up on Monday! We had fun visiting with them and going to the dollar theatre with them earlier this week.

Today, they came over for a fun barbecue and fireworks show!

The kids spent the morning listening to patriotic music while coloring flags.  I tried to teach them about why we celebrate, but they were all pretty hyper. 

In the morning, they all had red, white, and blue clothes on... somehow, however, the water got turned on in the backyard, so they got soaked and had to change.  It was cute while it lasted.

We had hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips, beans and homemade ice cream with apple pie!

As yummy as dinner was, I think the highlight of the day was the fireworks.

Fireworks get donated all of the time to D.I.

D.I. can't sell them.

But, the managers do get to divide them up and take them home.

(So, by all means please keep on donating your fireworks).


We had quite a collection.

But, Mike decided that it wasn't enough. 

So he ran out and bought some more.

And then, Ethan and Cameo brought fireworks over, too.

So, we had quite the show.

(That and EVERYONE around us was doing the illegal in-the-air fireworks, that you can buy in Parhump.  We were surrounded by them and way closer to them than we would have been, had we gone to a show.  It was pretty great!).

We watched fireworks for a long time, and then came in around 11:00 and had dessert (crazy!).

We had SUCH a great 4th of July! It was even better because we got to spend it with Ethan and Cameo! We LOVE when family visits us!!!

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