Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Back in April Grace got her first loose tooth!

She really wanted it to fall out before school ended, so her name could be put on the tooth chart.

I assured her it would; afterall, school didn't get out until June and it was April.

She wiggled and wiggled and ate apples and wiggled more.

And I was wrong.

School ended.

Her tooth still in place.

A new permanent tooth grew in behind it, so we brought her to the dentist. 

She told us they didn't want to pull it and to keep wiggling.

And finally...

It came out today.

The last day in July.

She doesn't have a cute toothless grin, but she was the MOST excited girl with a grin full of teeth (and one grown-up tooth in their to boot), when it fell out in the car while we waited to pick up Mike from work.


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