Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue Man Date

One of Mike's associate's has a sister who works at The Venetian. She passed on some of her tickets to the Blue Man Group to Mike. He called and told me to find a baby-sitter quick, and even though baby-sitters kinda freak me out, I did it anyways. Because, hello! Free tickets to Blue Man Group!

We raced there after Mike got off of work, parked at the wrong casino, walked up and down 6 flights of stairs and ran/speed-walked the rest of the way. We made it in time and had really, really great seats... we were SO close (but, not close enough to have cereal and paint splashed on us, so perfect!). I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from the Blue Man Group, other than I knew it would involve drums and would be LOUD. I was blown away, though, with the whole act. It. Was. Fun.

SO much fun!

WAY so much fun!

(You get the picture. We loved it.)

After the show, we walked around The Venetian for awhile. I've never been there before, but it's pretty neat. A canal goes through a part of it, and they have gondola rides, which look pretty fun. In the center courtyard, it's really lit and the ceiling is rounded and painted like the sky. You would seriously think that you were outside. It looks like a little Italian village, with Italian singers and performers lining the way.

I really, really want to take the kids there.

They would love it.

Unfortunately, there are lots of really, really high-end stores in The Venetian, too.

So we won't be going.

I don't want to know what custom-hand-made-Italian-blown-glass-figurines-with-diamonds cost when one of my punks escapes and breaks one.

We had the best time. It was SUCH a fun night!

And not just the Blue Man Group part (though they completely rock). The date part. The being alone with Mike and getting out of the house part.

I've decided I need more of those.

Like, at least once-a-month more of those.

Note: Really dorky photos below. Mike didn't want me to ask a stranger to take our photo, so we got dorky photos. Really dorky photos.

I love him, anyway.

In the Blue Man Group audience.

In front of the Blue Man Group sign.
In front of the canal.
The Venetian sky.

PS - My hair has decided to grow back after all of the post-pregnancy-hormones hair loss. So. Don't mind my crazy baby hairs in our dorky pictures.

PPS - You probably didn't even notice them until I mentioned them. But, they jump out to me in the pictures and I'm not loving it.

PPPS - If you didn't notice before, please don't go back and notice them now. Thanks.

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Kristi said...

Mike is completely jealous. He really likes the Blue Man Group, but has never been able to see them. You're like his hero right now.