Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Family in 2015: Week of 1/5-1/11

We did pretty good on our 25 Days of Christmas bucket list, but one thing we didn't get to, was making Grandma Hansom's popcorn balls.  We had bought the ingredients, but had never found a good time.

FHE on Monday was a good time for a yummy treat.


Back in June (while Mike was at Scout camp), one of the arms of my glasses randomly fell off.

I wanted to "make it do" so it's been taped, superglued, hot glued, etc.

And I lived.

But, on Tuesday, they fell off and got stepped on.... right on the bridge of the nose.

So I buckled down and ordered a new pair on-line.

For now I'm sporting some cool tape around the center of those things.


I love the relationship that Josh and Sam share.

I've mentioned it before, but it just makes my heart melt.

Josh is so insanely patient and loving with Sam... he will drive him on his car every.time. Sam gestures that he wants a ride.  Wednesday while Mike was at mutual, Josh rode him around and around.


Heart-melting Mama over here.


On Thursday I took Adam to the doctor.

He's been complaining about his stomach hurting for awhile, and I wanted to get it checked out.

It normally only causes him debilitating pain when it's time for chores, so I wasn't too worried... but then I got worried that maybe it was something because it's been going on for several months.

They ran a few tests and he's all good... so I'm pretty sure it's just a stress-induced-by-cleaning stomach pain afterall.

Which I can relate to, because of the stress of being stuck with 3 crazy boys in a waiting room for an hour.



On Friday we got caught up: on housework, school work, and piano practicing.

And rewarded ourselves with some chocolate.

Just because.


On Saturday we went to one of our favorite parks that is close to our house... and we happened to have Josh's plasma car with us.

And there happens to be a long, downhill walkway at the park that we all took turns riding down.

It was a blast!

Not that those pictures tell ya much.

But, believe me, our stomachs all hurt from laughing so hard after that.


On Sunday we went to church, came home, ate a late lunch, napped, and then ate a late dinner.

Church from 11:00 to 2:00 is tricky for naps and meals.

We played some board games after dinner together, and then got everyone to bed, ready for a new week and getting ready to celebrate our favorite baby's first birthday.

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