Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Family: Week of 12/1-12/7

On Monday we celebrated Josh's 5th birthday!

I don't understand how my baby is 5.

He wanted to spend it playing with his best friend, Ethan, so we had a long playdate over at our house with him.

They built forts, fought like Ninja Turtles, played games, and built Legos.

That evening after Mike came home from work, we opened gifts.

Josh got a Planes video game, Tinker Toys, Ninja Turtle books, a new Charlie the Ranch Dog book, and money.

We had cheese quesadillas with homemade Cafe Rio dressing for dinner (his favorite).

And, man alive, does this kid get the short end of the stick on birthday cakes.  With it being right after Thanksgiving, and in the midst of getting ready for Christmas, his birthday is always a crazy day.

Luckily, he still adores his cakes.

He wanted a Ninja Turtle cake... but not the cutesy ones I found on Pinterest.

He wanted a plain circle cake with a Ninja Turtle toy on top.

Unfortunately, he also wanted it to be blue.

Not sure how I mixed that up... but he's pretty easy-going so I promised his pre-school cupcakes would be blue, and he was appeased.

I wish everyone could know the Josh that I know.  This kid has a tough, cynical, sarcastic exterior (that he gets from Adam).  If you just spend a little more time with him, though, he is so kind, sensitive, always thinks of others, is incredibly courageous, smart, and has such a great sense of humor.  He is a problem solver; when others are upset or fighting, he goes ahead and fixes the problem.  He is slightly OCD and is the hardest worker.  He is a total Mama's Boy, who tells me repeatedly throughout the day how much he adores and loves me.  I was so worried about bringing Sam home back in January.  Josh is such a Mama's Boy that I was sure that he would hate Sam, because I would have to give him so much attention.  I was completely, utterly wrong.  He has adored and cared for Sam (even better than Grace and Adam sometimes) from day 1.  It's such a joy to watch him love on Sam.  I can't believe he's 5 because I think he will always be my baby... he was my baby for 4 years, and I've had to remind myself over and over that he isn't a baby anymore.  I am so thankful for Josh and the privilege it is to be his Mom.


On Tuesday we loaded up some blue frosted cupcakes with sprinkles, and brought them to pre-school to share with his friends.

His teacher gave him a sweet gift and birthday crown (and the card is from the grandparents... he loved it so much).


On Wednesday, Josh got to go to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning.

Sam liked the kid-sized chairs in the lobby.

He had no cavities (wahooo!) and only gagged twice in the cleaning, so we grabbed him some chicken nuggets and a slushie from Burger King on the way home.

Yay, Josh!


On Thursday I was so excited to finally have a "free afternoon."  We leisurely went to the library and the park after school, and then came home and made dinner together.

Mike came home at 8:00 and asked how Scouts was.

My "leisurely day" wasn't actually free at all... I had totally forgotten (even though it was right there on the calendar).

My brain is going, people!


On Friday we received the much-anticipated package from Grandma W* with the Jesse Tree Ornaments from the rest of the family and the Christmas bags, with a special ornament that Grandma makes the kids each year and treats.

They were thrilled!

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa W*!

Especially Sam.

Mike has him well-trained to recognize Dum-Dums (the Sunday treat in Young Men's each week).


On Saturday we got the house and car cleaned, worked on school projects, played, and Grace and Josh broke the wishbone from our Thanksgiving turkey.

Josh won!

Grace didn't.

(Don't worry... she wasn't really upset.  That is her dramatic actress sad face).



On Sunday, Josh received his birthday gift from the Primary: a "Families Are Forever" bracelet and an FHE lesson to give.

He has been soooo excited for his gift!

We can't wait for the FHE lesson this guy is going to give us soon.

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