Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Family: Week of 12/8-12/14

For Josh's birthday, his best friend, Ethan, gifted him with some swim lessons at our community center for them to take together.  On Monday he had his second class and he is LOVING it.

He is my fearless guy, who has taken to the water like a little fish.

I am hoping to keep him going in lessons next year.


On Tuesday after school, Adam had his first basketball practice for the season for the school basketball team.

He loves basketball (just like I did when I was his age) and can't wait for games to start in January.

That evening I left my baby (and the rest of my family) and went to our ward's Relief Society Christmas dinner.  It was a nice evening with good friends, yummy food, and a nice program.  We each received an umbrella to remind of us President Uchtdorf's talk that he gave at the recent General Women's broadcast.  I loved his talk so much, and I loved the umbrella gift... that will probably be good for 2.5 seconds until one of my boys' does battle with it.



Wednesday was our catch-up day; Mike was off of work so we got caught up on neglected errands and chores.  He didn't have mutual that evening (it is being held Friday instead), so we had fun that night watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn.


On Thursday evening, Adam went to his very first school dance.  I wasn't allowed to attend middle school dances (and for good reason!), and I didn't think I would let Adam attend.  But, seeing as how it was held at the LDS church in the Primary room, with so many good parents and friends in attendance, we felt pretty good about it.

It was a Christmas-themed dance, and they each brought an appetizer to share.  He insisted that he wasn't going to dance, but I made him learn and practice with me before he went anyways.  Which turned out to be a good thing, because his cute crush, Gabby, asked him to dance each time a slow song came on and he knew what to do.

After we picked him up, we went over to Ethel M's to look at their gorgeous lit cactus garden and sample some free chocolate.

And this terrible picture, my friends, is my very first that has ALL of them smiling:

A triumph!


Friday was our last day baby-sitting for the C* family.  They are moving to Washington in a week, and we are going to miss them soooo much!  It has been such a blessing having them in our lives.

I decided to go out with a bang (and get a few things knocked off of our Christmas bucket list) and we decorated pinecone Christmas trees:

Along with Christmas cookies:

After they left we went over to Sam's Club.

I've been trying a "new plan" where I stock up on essentials every payday, rotating them through, to save money.  This was a "meat" stock-up.  I got a bunch of ground turkey and chicken breast at really great prices, and then spent hours trimming it, weighing, and bagging it for the freezer.

It's a (slightly huge) pain, but soooo worth it when dinnertime comes around.

That evening was cold and rainy; I stayed home with Sam, while Mike, Adam, Grace and Josh went with the youth and Primary kids on our ward's annual caroling hayride around the neighborhood, complete with Sister Perez's famous Mexican hot chocolate.

They had soooo much fun, and I missed going...

... but cuddling with a too-cute baby is pretty fun, too.


On Saturday we went to our ward's Christmas party.

We had a good dinner, a cute Christmas program for the kids, and then went to see Santa.

I think the pictures show how much Sam enjoyed THAT visit.


Adam, Grace, and Josh all enjoyed meeting him and telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

Hopefully they were good enough and will get it!


On Sunday we watched the Christmas broadcast that we had missed last week (the missionaries came over for dinner at the same time).  We finished up some gifts and cards we are making for teachers and family, and had fun enjoying the cold evening in our warm little house.

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