Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Family: Week of 7/7-7/13

On Monday, our sweet friends lent us their car for the week, in return for me baby-sitting while she and her mother-in-law were at Girl's Camp.

Our kids are all similar in age (except there's no one for Adam), and these babies are exactly a month apart:

Having 2 babies + two 4-year-old boys + a 5-and 7-year old set of girls is exhausting.

But, I love these guys.

And I adored a lap full of baby.


On Tuesday, we realized we were out of laundry soap.

So, after my friend brought Adam to swim, we loaded up the stroller and walked down to Wal-Mart.

Before all of the drama started, the kids and I started walking/running 1.5 miles each evening on July 1st.

Between having to walk to the store for groceries + our nightly walk/run we are all going to get pretty fit.


I love when the kids get the camera and capture me being a Mama.

This would be me (attempting) to read an Ensign article, while Josh talks to me, and Adam flashes gang signs.


When you're stuck in your house (because you don't have a car and it's insanely stinkin' hot outside) ya get creative for entertainment.

On Wednesday, we went ahead and tried our hand at making our own pasta.

Which, as it turns out, is incredibly delicious and fun to make.

But, it's a little messy.

Hey, Mom and Dad, if you ever happen upon a pasta machine at your yard sales...



On Thursday, we got MORE rain!

We have had the worst monsoons ever in Las Vegas since we moved here, with it normally just lightly raining.

We have had lots of rain and thunder and lightning during the storms lately.

It is the best!

And, for me, a tender mercy.

My kids + my friends' kids loved it.

After we dried off, we had some fun playing inside.

And when they left, Josh and Sam went ahead and relaxed in their little chairs.

Playing with friends is hard work!


On Friday, we all walked down to 7-11 for some free Slurpees.

And finished our evening off with buzzing Adam and Mike's hair, and cutting Josh's.


On Saturday, Mike used our friend's car to take the boys to the swim meet.

Adam placed in one of his 4 races.

Sixth place!

(But a definite improvement).

That afternoon, we were going to go on a major grocery trip.

While I was loading Josh in, Grace accidentally knocked the car into gear.

I tried to (heroically) jump in, and instead go knocked down and run over by the open door.

Resulting in some nasty bruises on my arms + a lump on my head.

Miraculously, I had some sense to move my legs out of the way and the street was empty and the car stopped rolling before it hit the wall across the street.

It was traumatic (for me and the kids).

But, we were so blessed that the car didn't have a scratch + and no one was seriously hurt.

After our shopping trip and dinner, we got ready for Sunday with baths.

This guy is all about sitting up lately, so we let him try it out in the tub.

I didn't think this guy could love his baths any more than he already did, but sitting up and having access to Josh's toys made it even better for him.

I love me some clean baby.


On Sunday, my sweet baby boy turned 6 months old!

This boy is a dream.  A great eater.  A wonderful sleeper.  He would sleep 9 hours at night, but I wake him up every 3 to eat (or my supply dips).  He can roll over, but rarely does.  He prefers sitting up, munching on toys, and taking it all in.  He adores his siblings.  And he loves to cuddle.

He is soooo wonderful!

He has us all wrapped around his chunky fingers, and we are all pretty  sure we couldn't possibly love him more than we already do.

But, tomorrow, that sweet guy will giggle and laugh and pull Grace's hair and talk to us, and we will fall in love just a little more with him.

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