Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Family: Week of 7/14-7/20

On Monday, since we still had no car, we were stuck at home on Mike's day off.  Mike finally buckled down and organized the shed (while I organized ALL of the boxes of baby + kid clothes in there).

I so miss having a car.

But, getting organized is pretty great, too.

That evening, since this guy turned 6 months, and has been D-Y-I-N-G to eat (he watches every bite we eat and opens his mouth when we do), we went ahead and gave him some oatmeal.

He loved that stuff.


On  Tuesday morning, I woke up to this girl hard at work at the table.

She was making a card for Aunt Kayty... who was coming to visit on Friday.

She (and the boys) were counting down the seconds to her visit.

They love that sister of mine!

And the card she made was too adorable.

Our sweet friend brought Adam to swim, and he came home pleased-as-punch with his 6th place ribbon from Saturday's meet.

I'm so proud of him for working hard (and very thankful for good friends).


This baby boy sure is going to miss his siblings when school starts.

I decided to only feed Sam solids every-other-day.  I did some research and talked to my lactation consultant.  Breastfed babies don't need solids, they are just for fun... and if given too often, babies rely on them instead of milk, which diminishes supply (and if you have read this blog you know I'm kinda crazy about keeping up the milk supply).


It was Wednesday, though, so we gave this guy another feeding.

I have never had a baby love oatmeal like this one.


We were sooo blessed to pay for my prenatal expenses last year, and a few payments on his birth this year, with Mike's second job.

When he lost it, I called the hospital and asked for a lower minimum monthly payment on our almost $5,000 balance.

They told me in order for them to be able to do that, that I needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

I did.

On Thursday we received a letter in the mail, letting me know that my hospital charges had been 100% reduced... and Sam only had $800 remaining on his balance.

Totally overwhelmed and thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who truly is a God of miracles.

Lunch around here during this summer is a smorgasbord of whatever-you-can-find.

Which makes leftover nights obsolete.

But gives them a break from the school year PB&J lunches that they get daily.

I always start the year wanting to make fun lunches... ;)


On Friday, we got a little bit of bad news: the driver that hit Mike did not have insurance, which meant that our deductible would apply... which meant we were only going to get $800 for it.


That afternoon, Grace made herself a peanut butter-jelly-graham cracker-tortilla concoction for lunch, of which she was rather proud.

We spent the day finishing cleaning and getting this guy packed, because he was going on his first campout!


So happy and excited for him!

That evening, Kayty came into town, and we were all SO excited!


Saturday, we spent the day hanging out with Kayty, grocery shopping, and having fun.

She is a blast, people!

And still single... wink! wink!

Adam came home from his campout and reported having an amazing time.

Kayty showed Grace the fine art of owling:

And planking:

And brought the special fishing poles for the kids that Papa had gotten at a yard sale.

Thanks, Papa!

I think you may have some future fishermen (and women) in the family.


Sunday we spent the morning at church.

Kayty watched Sammy (again) during my + Mike's teaching 3rd hour.

Thank you, Kayty!

My parents had also sent up some pasta makers (remember when I asked if they saw any at a yard sale... these guys happened to have 2 already.  They rock!), so we spent the afternoon figuring it out and making lots of fresh pasta.

We all got into it, and had a blast.

Especially Adam a.k.a. Dough Boy.

That boy never fails to make me smile.

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