Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Family: Weeks of 3/24-4/6

Catch my blog slacker-ness?

I'm going to cover two weeks here and catch up, because 1) I've been crazy busy and haven't taken a lot of pictures.  And in my tired stupor, I have no idea what happened if I don't take pictures. And 2) This is honest-to-goodness how I feel 24/7:

Next week will be better.



During the last week of March, Josh made me a "sun":

Mike worked, Adam and Grace went to school, Adam practiced basketball, I held Activity Days (we made General Conference notebooks) and we cleaned like crazy (because we had guests coming!).

Josh is an insanely awesome cleaner, and we took him to Taco Bell one afternoon for his beloved cheese roll-ups as a thank you.

He rocks.

On Friday night, Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee came to our house and spent the night.

On Saturday our house filled with family: Doran, Amber, Kelsie, Kooper; Grammy, Papa, Nate, Jessica; Grandma Dorrie; and Grandma and Grandpa Wilkins.

We got to meet our new nephew/cousin, Kooper, who was born on the same day as Sam.  I love these two cute girls holding their little cousins!

 And Grace got to give her Uncle Nate the "Gracie Hug" that she has been waiting 2 years to give:

We really missed that guy.

Mike had been promising Grace to take off her training wheels on his next day off... and Grace took him up on his offer.  She did great!!!

 We got a picture of all of the grandkids on the Rice side together for the first time.  Cute group of kids... Grammy was happy!

That evening we had a big pizza party and watched Frozen.


You know all those Moms who adore that movie?

I'm not one of them.

The next morning, Grammy and Papa came by to pick up Nate and Jessica (who had spent the night at our house).

Nate and Jessica must be able to read minds, because my kiddos have been begging for kites... and they brought them some.  Thanks!

We all headed to church (where Mike, Kristi and Hayden joined us from the other side of town), and Mike gave Sam a beautiful blessing.

It was a special weekend with family; we are so thankful to everyone who came!


The next day began with laundry.

I take the wet clothes out, and Josh puts them in the dryer.

And, not to brag, but he can fold an entire basket of laundry by himself.

Hey, he offered!


His future wife is gonna love this guy!

We took down March's mantle.

And got Sam's 3/6 month clothes out.

We realized they were tight on him... and looked at the tags to see that he was 1 pound away from outgrowing them.

So we got out the 6/9 month clothes instead.

During the rest of the week, we had our usual business.

On Saturday, Adam had his first basketball game of the season.

And to totally brag, he scored 10 of the 16 points for his team.

Yay, Adam!

Sam perfected his "head holding" and some random rolling over.  He isn't consistent at it, but once in a while he rolls over on a whim.

On Sunday morning, we gathered in our living room and listened to conference (our Internet is way too slow to watch, and it's not on TV anymore.  Boo!).

We ate our traditional cinnamon rolls in our pajamas while we listened.

And enjoyed being spiritually fed while we ate those way-too-good things.

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