Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Family: Week of 4/7-4/13

Grace came home on Monday all ten kinds of excited, because she had qualified to represent her class in the school spelling bee in May.


We are so happy for her (and she is sooo nervous!).

A few weeks ago, the missionaries asked us if they could start coming by a few times a week, so that they could "practice" their discussions.

We've had a lot of fun having them in our home on Mondays and Thursdays (and it takes care of FHE to boot... score!).

They came over on Monday evening and taught us about how the Book of Mormon can answer questions we might have throughout our lives, followed by a handstead/headstand competition between Grace and Elder Tollet..

It was pretty fun.

And way funny.


Two weeks ago, pack meeting was held, and I forgot all about it (being the on-top-of things mom that I am), and just dropped Adam off/picked him up like usual (without staying).

I felt soooo bad because he was set to receive his Webelos badge and a few other pins that night!

His Cubmaster decided not to make him wait until the next pack meeting, and just gave it to him.

We are so proud of how hard he is working (and I'm kinda sad it's my last bit of Scout jewelry for a few years.)


On Wednesday, we had a crazy-windy cheer practice.

Lots of homework to cram in before spring break.

And Mike had a special meeting to plan the food for Scout Camp this summer.

(Which sounds super-exciting, for sure).



On Thursday, Mike was supposed to get off at 4:30, but ended up staying until 8:00.

Which wasn't cool, because I had planned on sewing a quilt with my Activity Day girls, to donate to our YM/YW camp auction.

It was a mess.

I (attempted) to teach the girls how to piece a quilt and use a sewing machine.

While nursing a screaming baby who thought he was starving.

Josh ran around like a banshee.

And Adam flirted like a 10-year-old boy does.

Which means he tried to annoy the girls.

It was a mess.


Friday was our very first official day of Spring Break.

And, man alive, were we ready for a break.

We spring cleaned all day (I feel like we are always cleaning...).

And rewarded ourselves with some Good Luck Charlie on Netflix.


On Saturday Adam had another basketball game.

Their team lost, but Adam scored 4 points (out of the team's 10), so even though he was disappointed, he was pretty pleased.

And since we had to drive our to Henderson anyways for the game, we went ahead and redeemed us some good grades for donuts.

When we got home, we cleaned up the house super-quick, picked up Mike, and had our weekly family pizza and movie night.

It's the best kind of end to a week.


On Sunday, our sweet Sammy turned 3 months.

(And by our way un-official measurements, he is 18 pounds 8 ounces, and 25 1/2 inches long).

He is smiling and giggling; cooing and gurgling.  As long as he is fed and his diaper is dry, he is the most content and happy baby.

And he is doing much better on the sleeping.


Along with my Activity Days calling, I also teach the CTR 6/7 class on Sundays.

There are 10 in the class who are active, and I love those guys.  After I was released as Primary President, I never thought another calling could beat it.  But, my CTR class and Activity Day girls have taken over as my favorite.  I love all those kids!

I went into the Bishop's office after church to renew my temple recommend and I was asked to speak in church the following on Easter.

I'm supposed to get a "bye" this year, darnit!

I had a freakin' baby, for Pete's sake, that needs to nurse during Sacrament meeting each week.

Unfortunately, I have a saying "no" problem.

So, I'm speaking.

(I spoke 2 years ago on Easter, too.  Apparently I need to learn something that I'm just not getting here).


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